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Link to Plans page The way we use our phone has completely changed. We think it's time phone plans caught up, so we've reinvented the phone plan. Our Plans have huge data, more minutes, and unlimited* text, and you can get all this without signing a long term plan contract. You'll also get Carryover Minutes and Data, plus you could Trade Up to the latest phone every year, or share your plan with up to 3 others if on the $49 Plan or above.

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Why 2degrees Pay Monthly?

Trade Up

Two years is too long to wait. Get the latest smartphone every year for an extra $10 per month, plus $120 at the end of 12 months.

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Family Share

Share your minutes, texts and data with up to 3 others for an extra $25 per person per month.

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No long term contracts and the freedom to change plans if plans change. Choose your phone, then pay it off interest free over 24 months.

Carryover Minutes and Data

Any unused Minutes and Data at the end of each month will carry over to the next month and last for up to a year.

Worry Free Data

Worry Free Data and Spend Control

Stay in control of your account with 2degrees Spend Control and Worry-Free Data.

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Aussie Calling and texting

Aussie Calling and Texting

Call and text both NZ and Aussie mobiles and landlines at no extra cost on all of our Pay Monthly Plans.

Bring your number

Bring your number

Keep your current number when you join 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.

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Shared Data

Shared Data

Get the most out of your Plan Data by sharing it with your tablet, USB or even friends and family.

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