Shared Data

Got gigs to spare? Why not dish out some data love to your nearest and dearest?

If you’re on an eligible Pay Monthly Plan, or the Leader of a Pool Plan, you can share all or a chunk of your NZ data with up to 5 family and friends who are also with 2degrees, for free! Or if you’d prefer to keep it for yourself, you can share it across up to five of your devices with 2degrees SIMs. Either way, sharing is caring.

Sharing Controls  

You decide how you want to dish out the gigs. Go all in and share it all or keep hold of the reins and only share a chunk of the data pie. You can even throw caution to the wind and mix and match between the two. The sharing power is in your hands.

We’ve got the perfect trifecta of Sharing Controls for you to choose from.

Open Sharing

Go wild and share all your data, every month. With Open Sharing, your sharers will share from all your data, first come, first served. It’s a great no holds barred option if you don’t want to be worrying about anyone you're sharing with coming up short in the data stakes.

Monthly Allowance

Stay in the driver’s seat and only share a chunk of your data every month. Keep control of your gigs by choosing how much you want to dish out across all your sharers. Set and forget, and the same amount of data will be shared each month, so your hungry data munchers won’t eat up all your data. Any unused data will be returned to you at the end of the month and can be used for your next month’s allowances.

One-Off Allowance

Is your mate in a pinch? Share a one-off chunk of your data just for the month, so they don’t miss any Insta-grammable moments. Anything that is unused will be returned to you the following month.

Deciding how much to dole out

When it comes to sharing out the data love, you’ll need to mull over how much to share vs. how much to keep for yourself. You don’t want to get caught short in the data stakes, but you also want to make sure that your sharers have enough to see them through.

We recommend sharing a smaller amount to start with (i.e. not more than half of your total monthly data allowance), as it’s easy to share more if you need to.

Over time you’ll get a better idea of how much data you should share to keep everyone snapping and scrolling.

If you find yourself running low, you can take back data that hasn’t been used at any stage. We’ll help you out and let them know by text so you can avoid the awkward conversation.

How do you start sharing data?

Download the 2degrees App set up and manage your Sharing Controls.

Here’s the short and sweet of it.

Can I set up Sharing by text?

Yes, you sure can. But you can only set up Open Sharing by text. If you want to keep control of your shared data and set up a Monthly or One-off Allowance, you’ll need to do this in our App. Here’s how you can set up Open Sharing by text. If you want to set up multiple people by text, repeat the below steps for each person you want to share with.

  • Text “Share” followed by a space, then the number you want to share with, to 747. Like this: SHARE 0220202020
  • We’ll send you a text to confirm you want to do this
  • Reply Y to confirm
  • You’re done! We’ll send a text once your sharing has been set up
  • You and your sharer may need to restart your mobiles to start sharing

Run your Sharing show

You’ll find a handy Sharing Summary in our App where you can manage, view and make changes to everything to do with data sharing.

  • See the mobile number/name of who you’re sharing with
  • See how many gigs you’re sharing and when they’re due to renew
  • See how much data your sharers have chewed through this month
  • Share more data, or take some back if you’re a bit short

Just click on ‘Sharing’ under ‘Your Account’ to see a list of everyone you’re sharing with. Click on a contact to dive deeper to their specific sharing summary.

What happens if one of my sharers runs out of data?

If your sharers are chewing through the data and gagging for more gigs, there are a few ways they can get out of their data dilemma.

  • If you’re feeling generous, you can share more of your data in the App
  • Data Add-Ons can be purchased any time from the App. They start from as little as $10 for 500MB and your sharer can grab one any time
  • Data Clock lets you buy unlimited mobile data in affordable bursts, giving you the freedom to use data whenever you need it. Get them to download the Data Clock App to get started today.

What happens if I run out of data?

If your data is running on empty, you can refill the tank any time, by taking back any shared data that hasn’t been used yet.

Just click on the person you want to take back data from in your Sharers list and tap on ‘Take Back’. Here you can choose how much to pull back for yourself. We’ll even let them know about the change of heart by text, so you can avoid any awkward chats.

If you’d rather leave your gigs where they are, you can purchase a Data Add-On from our App to flick your data gauge back to full.

How do you stop sharing data?

Had a falling out? Or simply don’t want your mates using all your data anymore? No problem, you can stop sharing whenever you like in either, the 2degrees App, or by text. 

Stop sharing in the 2degrees App:

  • Select Menu > Settings > Sharing  to see the numbers (or names) of the people you’re sharing with.
  • Tap the person you want to stop sharing with
  • At the bottom of the ‘Sharing Summary’ page, you’ll see a button that says ‘Stop Sharing’ – hit this.
  • Next 'Confirm' you want to stop sharing
  • You’re done! We’ll send you and your sharer a text when we’re done

Stop sharing by Text:

  • Text ‘STOP’ followed by a space, and then the number of the phone you want to stop sharing with, to 747.  Like this: STOP 0220202020
  • We’ll send you a text once we’ve updated your sharing details

Can I share calls and texts as well?

Yes, you can. You may have already noticed this in our App, but if you didn’t already know, you can keep up to 3 of your friends and family chatting and gossiping by sharing your calls and texts with them for $25 per person, per month. So if you want to share data, calls and texts, simply select both boxes and we’ll set everything up together. Find out more about sharing your calls and texts here.

See our full Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Data can be shared with up to five devices that use a 2degrees SIM. It doesn’t matter whether they are your devices or those of friends and family.
  • When you activate Shared Data, all data on your Plan – including your Plan Data and any Data Value Packs – will be shared with the devices you choose.
  • Once all your Plan Data and any Data Add Ons have been used, shared devices need to buy a Data Pack to keep using data (even if they are on Prepay).
  • If you need a little bit more data for your different devices then simply add one of our great value Data Packs to your Plan account.
  • Shared Data can be used across a maximum of 5 gadgets, and each data sharing gadget must have its own 2degrees SIM.