Calling and Texting overseas


Enter your 2degrees mobile number and the name of the country you're looking for and we'll let you know the costs.

We know that lots of Kiwis have friends and family in Aussie, so we have included calls and texts to Australia in our Plan Minutes and Texts so you can keep in touch at no extra cost (excludes NZ Carryover Data Plans).

And for those with friends and family further afield we've made it easy to call just about anywhere in the world direct from your mobile using our great international rates:

Other calls

Calls to Scott Base Antarctica (+64240) $2.50 a min.

And if you want to call or text people with satellite phones, then the rates are:

Satellite callsTalkingTexting
Inmarsat $12.00 a min $2.00 per text
Iridium $12.00 a min $2.00 per text

Texting with people overseas

2degrees offers great rates to text who you know overseas but unfortunately some networks haven’t yet set themselves up to get text messages from or to 2degrees. If you do find that you are having a consistent problem with a certain country or network we'd like to know about it. Drop us a line at and we can look into it for you. It will also help if your overseas friend does the same at their end and lets their network know that they want to link up to 2degrees in New Zealand. And remember, you can still call overseas networks on 2degrees, it's just texting that sometimes isn't quite set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • All voice calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • The countries in the table above all have more than one mobile phone network. You can call all of these networks, but some of them haven't yet set themselves up to get text messages from 2degrees or send text messages to 2degrees. We're constantly working to extend this list. Please let us know if there are any networks you are having problems with by dialling 0800 022 022.