Right now businesses are embracing data intensive mobile solutions and moving to new UFB Fibre services, and 2degrees' fresh approach in both mobile and broadband delivers M2M solutions that are tailored to specific business needs.

The 2degrees M2M product provides connectivity to our world class network to allow organisations to innovate and develop customer solutions. Offering connectivity with ease and management tools and support to meet service providers’ requirements to drive business success. Our specialist team will support you to design and implement M2M solutions that enable new products and services to be deployed in the connected world and wider Internet of Things (IoT). We will strive to understand your business needs in detail and build a bespoke solution that delivers to your individual requirements.

A complimentary self-service M2M portal

Easy to use, allowing you to manage your SIM inventory, run reports as and when you need, set data usage limits and alerts, plus enable and disable SIMs in real-time.

Our NZ based customer support

With a more personalised approach, a Client Services Manager will work with you closely to understand your business and your needs ongoing. 

Connectivity to a world class data network

Stay connected with our failsafe data network.

Experts in M2M

Our specialist team supports innovative businesses across NZ to design M2M solutions that enable new products and services in the connected world.

Bupa Care Services NZ

Alarm monitoring on a wearable pendant

2degrees M2M provided mobile connectivity to enable the BUPA alarms to connect to the BUPA call centre.

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Outpost Central

Environmental and water monitoring

Using 2degrees M2M SIMs in their smart environmental meter monitoring products, data is transferred from the meters via the 2degrees network.

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