2degrees Prepay

Carryover ComboPrepay Plus is our Prepay plan with Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data. You can also call and text Aussie from your Carryover Packs at no extra cost. It's the perfect Prepay plan if you use a Value Pack, and also gives you low standard calling and texting rates to anyone in NZ. Plus get unlimited* free calling to 2degrees NZ mobiles on any $19 Carryover Pack.

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Carryover Combo

Our Carryover Combo comes with Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data. Plus your minutes and texts can be used to call and text both NZ and Aussie. 

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NZ Data Packs

Get online when you need to with our NZ Data Packs. There are various size Packs to suit your use.

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Topping Up

Topping up on 2degrees is easy. You can do it online, over the phone, at the dairy or in the supermarket, or you can set yourself up with an Auto Top Up.

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