2degrees Spend Control

If you need to keep tabs on your bill, then 2degrees Spend Control is for you. Simply tell us the amount you want to spend each month and we’ll make sure that your bill doesn’t go any higher than that. So no more unexpected surprises at the end of the month!

Your Spend Control limit is made up of any minutes, texts and data that you have used over and above those already included in your Plan. It also includes any extra value packs you purchase during a month.

We’ll send you a text to notify you when you are within $10 of your Spend Control limit so that you can decide if you want to increase your limit. 

To setup your Spend Control, login to Your 2degrees.

If you have set up a Group Account and would like to manage the spend for each of your connections, then you'll need to ensure each of your connections under your Group Account has Spend Control set up. Each of your connections can do this through Your 2degrees. We'll then send a text to each connection when they’re within 10% of their limit.

It's easy to change your Spend Control limit or override it, just dial *100*5# from your phone. Choose option 1 to change your limit or option 2 to override it.

How it works

Spend Control examples

Please see our Spend Control Terms and Conditions  for more information.