WiFi Calling

We love the kiwi landscape, but sometimes all those rolling hills, gullies and fancy new office buildings can get in the way of great mobile reception.

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling is a new service exclusively available in NZ on 2degrees. It allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection, even if there is no mobile coverage. So whether you’re away at the bach, or in the depths of an office building and have a weaker signal, we’ve got you covered.

The best bits

No extra mobile charges, just more coverage

When you’re in NZ, any calls or texts you make while using WiFi calling come out of your plan allocation as they usually do.

It's fuss free

There's no app to download, and no pack to buy. As long as you have a compatible phone with the latest software, just turn on WiFi Calling in your phone settings, connect to WiFi and get calling or texting.

Call home while you’re overseas

When you’re overseas, it works the same way. Your WiFi calls and texts back home come out of your plan too – as if you are in NZ. Plus there’s no charge when you receive a call.

T&Cs apply.

Getting started is easy

It's super easy to activate WiFi Calling on your device when its supported by your model. Simply select your device and follow the 3 easy steps.

Having trouble? Things you should know

things you should know

Broadband charges may apply if you’re not using 2degrees broadband. NZ international call rates apply, including all calls made from overseas to destinations other than NZ & Aussie, including calls made within the destination you are visiting. Eligible phones must have 2degrees software installed to run WiFi Calling. If set up with a different NZ network provider, take your phone into your nearest 2degrees store for software update. WiFi calling currently only available on selected mobile devices. WiFi Calling T&Cs apply. 


Still having trouble? Our WiFi Calling help and support page has more information on troubleshooting, making calls and getting set up.