Why us?

Fighting for fairness is our thing. It’s been our calling card for 10 years now and with so many Kiwigians still getting a raw deal, we intend to keep that fight going. When we launched we came out swinging, making calls cheaper and introducing Carryover data -  immediately making things fairer for Kiwis. 10 years and heaps of happy customers later, with our very own national mobile network, fixed broadband and business, the fight goes on. Sound fair? Let’s chat.

Are you a Kiwi Hero?

If you’re a teacher, nurse, first responder, or work for the Defence Force do we have a deal for you – specially discounted mobile plans to say thank you. After all, it’s only fair.

Like free stuff with your broadband?

Get Amazon Prime Video on us for a year when you join us on a 12 month unlimited broadband plan. We’ll even throw in a $200 welcome credit. You can’t say fairer than that.

A fair deal for unlimited

Could we make our Unlimited Mobile Plan* better? How about making it cheaper the more people you add? So if you add 3 mates, it’s just $40/m per person. Hotspot for free? Yep that’s included. Share your data? No problemo. The fairness is literally oozing out of us at this point.

Keeping in touch

Since we arrived on the scene 10 years ago we’ve tried to make things fairer and easier for Kiwis to stay in touch (it’s in our name after all) and our very own national mobile network works hard to do just that.

Terms and conditions apply

*Max speeds reduce after 40GB per person. Fair use policy applies.