2degrees Home Broadband Legal Offer Summary

Last updated: 28 August 2017

For the Home Broadband Legal Offer Summary before 20 April 2017, please click here.  

Service Overview

Service Description

Broadband & optional home phone services


Broadband is not available everywhere. To see what services are available you can visit www.2degreesbroadband.co.nz

Service Charges


Monthly data allowance

$75 per month


$95 per month


$10 discount off 2degrees Broadband monthly plan charge when linked to an eligible 2degrees Pay Monthly mobile plan.

*We are also currently offering a limited time 12 month Broadband offer, where we’ll credit your monthly base plan charge for the first 3 months ($30 modem and delivery charges, and an early termination charge of up to $249 may apply, see below for details. Also, plan credit refundable if you leave/move from plan within first 6 months).

Prices are current as at 28 August 2017 and are subject to change. To see current pricing please see our home broadband packages 2degrees Broadband.

Additional Data Charges

Applies to 80GB plan

Once you reach your monthly data allowance, additional data will be charged at $2 per GB up to $30, at which point your data will become unlimited for the remainder of that month.

Set Up Charge

Open term

$99 standard connection fee; and
$165 modem charge applies if taking a 2degrees-supplied modem.
$15 delivery charge applies if taking a 2degrees-supplied modem and/or 2degrees Phone.

Fixed term (12 or 24 month)

Free standard connection; and
$15 modem charge applies if taking a 2degrees-supplied modem.
$15 delivery charge applies if taking a 2degrees-supplied modem and/or 2degrees Phone.

Access type

We will offer you the best connection type (ADSL < VDSL < UFB (Fibre) 100/20Mbps) available at your address.

For more information about the different access types visit click here

For more information about broadband speeds and performance click here

Other Information

Minimum Contract Period

You can choose from either:

  • Open term; or
  • 12 month term; or
  • 24 month term (Unlimited Data Broadband Plan offer only).

Early Termination Charge

If you are on a fixed term Plan with a 2degrees-supplied modem, you will need to pay an early termination charge of $249 if you end your contract early. We may reduce the early termination charge where applicable to take into account any upfront charges you have previously paid for that connection.

If you are on a fixed term Plan without a 2degrees-supplied modem, you will need to pay an early termination charge of $99 if you end your contract early. 

There is no early termination charge if you sign-up on an open term.

For the 3 months free 12 month Broadband Plan offer, , the following early termination charges may apply:

  • If you select a 2degrees modem, an early exit fee of $249 applies to the term; or
  • If you select the BYO modem option at sign up, an early exit fee of $99 applies to the term; and
  • Also, if you leave or downgrade your plan within the first 6 months, you'll need to repay the 3 months promotional plan credit.

Notice period (termination)

You can end your plan at any time before your next monthly billing due date. You will still be responsible for any charges incurred prior to that billing date.

Traffic Management

No traffic management policies apply on any of our broadband plans, including Unlimited Data.

Fair Use

No fair use policies apply to our broadband plans.

Our Fair Use Policy applies to unlimited calling under our Home Phone Services. See our Fair Use Policy.

Effects on other services

Your broadband service requires mains power to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during a local power outage) the broadband, and any services which run over it (such as the Home Phone Plus service), may stop working unless you have battery backup in your home.

Other charges

We offer a range of Add-On Services, including Home Phone Services and Fibre speed boosters (where applicable);

  • Home Phone Plus service - $15/month. This is delivered over your broadband connection and includes voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and unlimited* calls to NZ & Australian landlines). This service is not available to some ADSL users.
  • Home Phone Basic service (only available over ADSL & VDSL connections) - $15/month. Includes local calling and you can add our optional calling features:
    • Unlimited* NZ and Australia Landline Calling - $15/month
    • Call waiting $4/month
    • Caller ID $4/month
    • Voicemail $8/month
    • Bundle (Call waiting, caller ID and voicemail) - $14/month
  • Wiring maintenance $3.95/month (only available on ADSL & VDSL services).
  • Fibre speed boosters (only available on UFB fibre service)
    • $24.95 Fibre Speed Boost ($24.95/month) – up to 200 Mbps download, 20 Mbps upload. 
    • $44.95 Fibre Speed Boost ($44.95/month) - up to 900 Mbps download, 400 Mbps upload.

      If you wish to downgrade or remove a fibre speed-boost then a $50 fee applies. 

Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations and to additional in-home technician work performed at time of connection. For example, a broadband wiring charge of $199 may apply to if you have a monitored alarm or more than five phone jack-points in your home.
For more information visit 2degrees Broadband Support


Information about our process for customer complaints is available here: 2degrees Broadband Feedback

2degrees Broadband is a member of the Telecommunications Disputes Resolution scheme, a free independent service to help customers resolve disputes.

All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

This is a summary only. You can find the full legal terms and conditions here

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