Prepay on 2degrees

Our Prepay Plus plan has low standard calling and texting rates to anyone in NZ, and is the perfect plan if you use Add Ons. Our Carryover Packs let you call and text Aussie at no extra cost, and also give you Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data that last for up to a year, not a month.

Chat with friends and family no matter what network they're on with our Carryover Talk & Text Packs. Or grab a Carryover Combo which is a great option for those who use a bit of everything.

New to 2degrees?

To get started you’ll need a 2degrees SIM.

Join 2degrees

You can join us online or at one of our nationwide retail stores.

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Carryover Combo

Our Carryover Combo comes with Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data. Plus you can use your minutes and texts to call and text both NZ and Aussie landlines and mobiles.

Topping up

You can top up online, using our Mobile App, over the phone or at more than 200 locations nationwide.

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Prepay rates

If you don't use Add Ons you'll get our everyday low Prepay rates.

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Why 2degrees Prepay?

Calls & Texts to Aussie

Calls and texts to Aussie mobiles and landlines are included with our Add Ons. So you can keep in touch with Australia at no extra cost.

Bring your number

You can keep your current number when you join 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.

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Prepay Plus works best when you use Add Ons, like talking for just 10c a minutes to NZ & Aussie with our Carryover Chat 200 Pack. If you don't use Add Ons can always get our everyday low Prepay rates.

Calling 44c per minute
Texting 20c per text
Data 50c per MB
Picture messages to the world 50c per message
Getting your Voicemail 20c per call
Video calling Same cost as voice
Calls to 2degrees Care (200) FREE
018 Directory Services $1.00 per call
0172 International Directory $1.95 per call
0800 and 0508 toll free calls FREE
Terms and conditions apply