Kiwi blokes aren’t in touch with their feelings? Yeah nah. New research reveals Kiwi men are quicker to use the L-word than Kiwi women

It’s one of the most important milestones in a relationship and the latest findings from a nationwide survey have shown Kiwi men are 25 per cent more likely than women to confess their love within the first month of dating.  

While the majority of New Zealanders who are currently loved-up took the plunge and declared their feelings within the first three months of their relationship, 14 per cent admitted to saying “I love you” within the first week.

The research, surverying 2200 New Zealanders, also found that more than 20 per cent did not say their first “I love you” directly, with men more inclined than women to say the three magic words for the first time over the phone or via a messaging app.

2degrees has commissioned this research as part of its latest campaign encouraging Kiwis to have a #GoodChat about how they are talking to each other and the role technology should play in that communication.

Relationship expert Dr Anna Martin commented on the findings, saying “While societal stereotypes may suggest woman are more emotionally vulnerable in relationships, the results show that men are equally, if not more likely, to first declare their love for their partners.

“The findings are very refreshing and challenge the gender stereotypes we have around relationships,” she says.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of New Zealanders (93 per cent) said in-person declarations of love made them feel the most special. However when it came to non-verbal expressions of love, 37 per cent of Kiwis fancied love hearts, kiss emojis, “xoxo” or a GIF over the typed words “I love you”.

Dr Martin added “it might be easier to declare your love over the phone, text or messenger but no matter how many love heart emojis you include, face-to-face declarations of love increase the likelihood of feeling truly connected with your partner.”

2degrees CEO, Stewart Sherriff, says Through the research, the company wanted to inspire Kiwis to have a #Goodchat with the important people in their life.

“Obviously the days of the archetypal Kiwi male who keeps his feelings bottled up are clearly behind us which is encouraging to see.”

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