The plan is simplicity in itself – shared data that can be used by our team as they need it.

– Peter Cullinane, Founder of Lewis Road Creamery

Mobile on 2degrees Business

We've introduced a range of new plans tailored for Business of all sizes and industries to suit your needs, and give you the convenience of receiving a monthly bill. You can either:

  1. Bring your own phone
  2. Join a plan on a 24 month term and receive a phone subsidy which you can use towards purchasing a new mobile
  3. Or spread the cost of new phones or tablets over 24 months interest-free
  • Great for sole traders
  • No long term contracts
  • Bring your own phone or pay off a new one over 24 months interest free
  • Plan prices exclude GST

Carryover Minutes & Data

2degrees gives business customers Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data, so you don't lose what you don't use. Any minutes or data you don't use, are yours for a whole year.

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Landline On Your Mobile

Bring your landline and mobile into one with Landline on Your Mobile, so you'll never miss a call to your business's landline number when you're out of the office again.

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Trade Up

Get the latest smartphone every year for an extra $10 per month, plus $120 at the end of 12 month (incl GST). Available on our Business Freedom Plus Plan.

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Team Share

Share your minutes, texts and data with up to 3 others for just $25 per person each month (incl GST).

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Why choose 2degrees for your business?

Coverage and network

We've invested $550 million building a world class network, with super-fast 4G LTE now covering over a third of our population.

International roaming

Stay connected even when you are overseas in over 100 destinations. Plus get the lowest casual Australian roaming rates in the market.

Calling & texting overseas

We know that lots of Kiwis do business across the Tasman, so we've included calls and texts to Australia in our plan minutes and texts.

NZ based customer service

Our award winning customer care team are available 24/7 to give you a hand anytime.

Switching to 2degrees is easy

Our Business Specialists will ensure your transition to 2degrees Business is seamless.


These rates apply for usage outside your Business Select Plan. See our Retired Plans page for standard rates on Retired Plans.

Standard NZ & AUS calling rate 49c a minute
Standard NZ & AUS text rate 9c per text
Frequently called number $10 per number
Picture messages to the world 50c
Getting your voicemail FREE
Using Mobile Internet (casual rate) You choose how much more you want to spend by choosing a Data Pack.
Calls to 2degrees Care (249) FREE
018 directory services $1.00 per call
0172 international directory $1.95 per call
0800 and 0508 toll free calls FREE
Video calling 49c a minute



We're constantly working to extend this list. Please let us know if there are any networks you are having problems with by dialing 0800 022 249.