Better online streaming for your entertainment.

With 2degrees Ultra-fast Fibre you’ll enjoy a smoother connection, with faster download speeds than regular broadband. Our base fibre plan is a whopping 100/20Mbps, that can go up to twice as fast as regular 30/10Mbps fibre - this means you’ll spend less time waiting for your favourite movies and shows to load, and more time watching them.

Ultra-fast Fibre for the same monthly price as regular broadband.

We’ll give you the best connection available at your home – even fibre up to 100/20Mbps - for the same monthly price. Select which plan you want and then tell us where you live to find out what’s available at your place.

Multiple users at ultra-fast speeds.

If you have multiple people online at the same time, or are using lots of devices at once, fibre is the way to go. It’s also great for gamers, providing a fast and consistent online experience when you need it.

Supercharged speeds with our Fibre Speed Boosters

$20.00 per month Fibre Speed Boost
up to 200Mbps up to 20Mbps
$30.00 per month Fibre Speed Boost
up to 900Mbps up to 400Mbps
Terms and Conditions apply

Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will vary. See full 2degrees Broadband Terms and Conditions.