Broadband on 2degrees

Unlike ‘the others’ our prices won’t go up, not even a cent, this year. That’s right, in 2019 we’re freezing our broadband prices. Because that’s only fair right?

Pick a plan below, enter your address and we’ll give you the best connection available at your place – even fibre up to 100/20Mbps – for the same monthly price. Or choose our Ultimate Unlimited Plan for blisteringly fast Fibre.

Free standard install

Don’t worry about pesky connection costs, we’ll take care of that. Join any 12 month plan and your standard install and connection are free.

Bundle and save

Save up to $120 a year if you have your home broadband and mobile Pay Monthly Plan with us. 

Backup Broadband

We’ll keep your home connected in an outage with extra data added to your 2degrees mobile phone

Kiwi customer care

Our award-winning Kiwi customer care team are here to help when you need it, just call 0800 022 022

Things you should know


  • *Fair Use Policy applies. Standard NZ & Australian landline calls.
  • $15 delivery charge applies if receiving a 2degrees modem and/or 2degrees Home Phone.
  • Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations.
  • Standard fibre connection is up to 100/20Mbps. Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums, and actual speeds will vary.
  • To get the best possible performance with 2degrees Ultra-fast Fibre, we recommend:
    • Using a high-spec modem, such as a 2degrees Modem.
    • A high-spec laptop or PC cabled directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable, and ensure all your laptop or PC’s drivers are up to date, and nothing else is running on the internet connection at the same time.
    • The latest version of your browser.
    • Accessing the internet over a wired connection.
  • Unlimited* NZ and Australia Landline Calling includes direct dial calls made from your home phone to standard landlines in NZ and Australia (excludes chargeable calls, e.g. calling cards and premium numbers, 0900 (and any international equivalent), 059, 0161, Australian toll-free numbers (such as 1800, 1300) and toll-free numbers in other countries, and calls to mobiles). Fair Use Policy applies to this service.
  • See full terms and conditions.

Amazon Prime Video on Us for 1 year:

  *   You must be on a 12 month unlimited broadband plan to be eligible.
  *   Amazon Prime Video on us for a year is valid for 12 months after the date of activation.
  *   You have 30 days from the date of activation of your eligible broadband plan to activate your Prime Video subscription.
  *   One new Prime Video subscription per eligible 2degrees broadband plan connection.
  *   If you have an existing Prime Video subscription, you’ll just need to cancel this and start again with a new account to get the offer.
  *   Streaming Prime Video uses data. Any data use incurred from watching Prime Video will count towards your monthly broadband allowance.
  *   You can cancel your Prime Video subscription at any time.
  *   Early termination charge applies if you disconnect your 2degrees broadband before the end of your broadband term.
  *   If you want to keep enjoying Prime Video after your year on us is up, your Prime Video charge will automatically be applied to your 2degrees broadband bill.
  *   After 12 months from your activation of Prime Video, the standard monthly charge for Prime Video of $8.99 will apply.
  *   Customer queries relating to the Prime Video service or content should be directed to Prime Video.
  *   Not available on 2degrees Business plans.
  *   Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash and cannot be exchanged for Amazon Gift Cards.
  *   Offer is subject to change and restrictions apply.
  *   By clicking activate, you agree to the Amazon Prime Video Terms of use.
  *   Amazon, Prime Video, and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc.
  *   2degrees Broadband terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions apply


Best connection available up to 100/20Mbps

$15 (rental modem) shipping & early exit fee up to $199 may apply. Joining credit: New customers only & repayable if leaving/downgrading during first 12 months.

Joining credit offer ends 31/12/2020, available with a 12 month Unlimited Data Broadband Plan. Not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not available with any other offers, except with the $10 Bundle Discount added during sign-up with eligible Pay Monthly mobile plans. Charges may apply for non-standard installations. Fibre broadband not available everywhere. Charges of up to $165 apply if you fail to return your leased modem to us when you leave 2degrees.

$99 standard connection fee applies to open term plans. Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums and actual speeds will vary. Broadband & Promotion T&Cs apply, see for full T&Cs.

Amazon Prime Video on us for 12 months: Valid for 12 months after date of activation (currently up to $8.99/month value). Offer subject to change. Prime Video offer must be activated within 30 days of the customer receiving the activation link email. After 12 months, standard charge for Prime Video of $8.99 per month will apply. 12 month term and Unlimited Broadband required to be eligible. T&Cs apply, see for full details.

Amazon Prime Video: Amazon, Prime Video, and all related logos and motion marks are trademarks of, Inc.