NEON Prepay Offer

Last updated: 20 February 2017


  1. These terms and conditions apply to 2degrees’ offer to pay for a subscription to the NEON video-on-demand service provided by SKY Network Television Limited (NEON) in full for three months.
  2. This Offer is available to all customers who:
    1. purchase a Samsung 4G handset before 2 February 2016;
    2. activate the scratch code which is attached to the Handset box (Scratch Code) before 2 February 2016, by either:

            i.     enter the Scratch Code into the designated 2degrees Promotion web page; or

            ii.     text the Scratch Code to the designated 2degrees promotion number; and

       (c) are over 18 years old (Eligible Customers).

  1. Eligible Customers will receive a text message with a unique NEON promotion code number (Promo Code) when they have activated their Scratch Code. 
  2. By activating the Promo Code, you accept these terms and conditions. 

Activating your PromoCode

  1. To use NEON, you must sign up to NEON at  You will need to provide your personal details to NEON, agree to and accept the NEON terms of service, and provide your credit or debit card details. 
  2. Under the NEON terms of service, you must be over 18 years old to subscribe to NEON.
  3. Eligible Customers who are new NEON subscribers can activate their Promo Code by entering it into the 'promo code' field which will appear during the billing details step of sign-up.
  4. Eligible Customers who already subscribe to NEON can activate their replacement Promo Code on their NEON My Account page, by clicking “renew subscription” under the billing details section.  If you are already using a Promo Code for a different NEON promotion you must wait until the last month of that promotion before activating this Promo Code.
  5. You can only activate your Promo Code once, and you cannot transfer your Promo Code to anyone else. 

Using NEON

  1. Using NEON to stream videos will use data, and you will use any data entitlements available under your prepay credit, or your home broadband plan if you are using NEON to stream videos using your home broadband connection. 

Changes to the NEON service

  1. 2degrees reserves the right to extend, change or terminate this offer at any time without notice, including if Sky cancels or materially alters the NEON Service or if 2degrees is no longer able to make this Offer pursuant to its agreement with NEON.

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