$49 12GB Zone Data Pack Offer

Last updated: 26 August 2019

12GB Zone Data Pack offer: Ends 31/7/16. 

Not available outside Zones. For Prepay, auto renews for $99 and standard data charges may apply if outside Zone.

MC5903A 12GB Zone Data Pack V1

Things you need to know

  • 12GB Zone Data Pack is valid for 6 months.  
  • Zone Data Packs can only be used within Zones. If you have a Zone Data Pack and use Data outside a Zone, you will be charged at our Standard Data Rate (50c per MB) unless you have a current NZ Data Pack or NZ Data included in your Plan or another subscribed Value Pack.
  • For Pay Monthly, Zone Data Packs do not auto renew.
  • For Prepay, Zone Data Packs auto renew at end of validity period (or when nearly out if you have enough credit). If you want to unsubscribe from your Data Pack's auto renewal simply text STOP Zone 12GB to 233, or do it online at Your 2degrees. You can continue to use any remaining data until your Data Pack expires.
  • For Prepay, if you run out of data and your Zone Data Pack doesn't auto-renew, you will be charged 10c per MB for the remainder of the validity period of that Data Pack (while browsing in a Zone only). If you do not have an active Data Pack and continue to use data, you will be charged at our Standard Data Rate (50c per MB).

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