Mobile Repayment Option Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 20 February 2017

  1. These terms and conditions apply in addition to our Pay Monthly Terms and ConditionsBusiness Terms and Conditions and any other specific terms and conditions applying to your Plan or Account with 2degrees.
  2. If you take up a Mobile Repayment Option (MRO) under a MRO eligible Plan, we will allow you to repay the full price of a MRO eligible mobile device in equal monthly instalments on your 2degrees Account over a 24 month period, with no interest charged. Your monthly MRO instalments will depend on the price of the mobile device of your choosing which is offered at the time of your sign up to the MRO.
  3. Your monthly MRO instalments will be added to your Bill and will be charged in addition to your Plan fee or any other charges incurred under your 2degrees Account.
  4. A minimum upfront payment may be required to sign up to the MRO. This amount may vary depending on the MRO eligible mobile device and the MRO eligible Plan that you choose, and may be varied by 2degrees from time to time. 2degrees will notify you of the amount of the upfront payment prior to you signing up to MRO.
  5. MRO is only available at 2degrees stores and dealers. 
  6. 2degrees will advise customers the MRO eligible Plans they can sign up to either on its website at or at a 2degrees store. Not all Plans or Services offered by 2degrees will be eligible for a MRO.
  7. A MRO will only be available for certain mobile devices. Mobile device accessories are excluded. 2degrees reserves the right to change the mobile devices eligible for MRO at any time.
  8. MRO is available to both 2degrees Pay Monthly and Business customers.  Customers may have one MRO per eligible Plan or, in the case of Business customers, per Team Member.
  9. You must repay the monthly MRO instalment over the 24 month period, or we may suspend or cancel your 2degrees Account immediately in accordance with our Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and Business Terms and Conditions.
  10. If you terminate your MRO eligible Plan you must immediately pay us the balance outstanding on your MRO (if any).
  11. If you downgrade your MRO eligible Plan to a MRO non-eligible Plan you must immediately pay us the balance outstanding on your MRO (if any). Whether a Plan is a MRO non-eligible Plan will depend, among other things, on whether your existing MRO eligible mobile device can be added to that new Plan. This will at all times be at 2degrees’ discretion. 
  12. If you downgrade your MRO eligible Plan to another MRO eligible Plan, your monthly MRO repayments will be carried over to the new Plan.
  13. The immediate repayment of the balance outstanding on your MRO triggered in accordance with clauses 10 and 11 will be in addition to any early termination charges or plan transfer charges that may be applicable to your Plan. For the avoidance of doubt the balance outstanding on your MRO will be the price of the eligible mobile device (at the time of sign up to the MRO) minus any handset subsidy, your upfront payment on the MRO and any MRO monthly repayments received by 2degrees.
  14. A MRO cannot be transferred between customers. If a change of ownership is required, the MRO must be settled in full by the exiting customers prior to transfer being approved by 2degrees.
  15. If you activate Spend Control on your Plan, or a Plan under your Account, with an associated MRO, the Spend Control will not be applied against your monthly MRO instalments.
  16. 2degrees reserves the right to review and correct the monthly MRO instalments added to your 2degrees Account. We will notify you prior to correcting any MRO amounts on your account.