Student Perks

We know sometimes you’d rather be scrolling Insta or chatting on Whatsapp instead of listening in lectures.

 That’s why we’re giving all of our students, whether they’re work hard or party hard, a data bonus of 524MB every month!

 Just buy one of our Prepay Carryover Combos or be on a Pay Monthly Carryover Plan and we’ll flick the extra data your way.


These terms and conditions apply to the “2degrees Student Perks Programme” (“Student Perks”) conducted by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (“2degrees”).

  1. These specific terms and conditions apply in addition to our Prepay Terms and ConditionsCarryover Combo Terms and Conditions, Pay Monthly Terms and Conditions and 2degrees Plans Terms and Conditions.  
  2. If you are a currently enrolled student at a tertiary institute or secondary school in New Zealand with student ID you may join Student Perks by signing up at a 2degrees retail store with your student ID or, if you have a email address, online at
  3. If you have joined Student Perks, we will give you:

    (a)     a bonus 524MB of NZ Carryover Data each time you purchase a Carryover Combo; or

    (b)    a bonus 524MB of Carryover Data per month with your Pay Monthly plan.

  4. You will not be eligible to receive any other Carryover Combo Reward offered by 2degrees while you are a member of Student Perks.