Worry-Free Data

Helps you stay in control on your data costs, so you won't have to worry about going over you monthly data allowances again. When you run out of data on your plan you'll simply choose how much more you want to spend on data by adding a NZ Data Pack. Here's an example of how it works:

  • When you are running low on data, you'll receive a text notification.
  • You can easily top up your data with one of our great value NZ Data Packs so you don't get caught short.
  • Worry-Free Data stops you from consuming data at a casual per MB rate once you run out, which means you choose how much more you want to spend by adding a NZ Data Pack.
  • When you've used up all available data under your plan, you won't be able to consume any more data until you buy a NZ Data Pack, which start for as little as $5 for 100MB to give you great value data, or wait for your next month's plan data allowance.

Worry-Free Data is automatic on all of our Pay Monthly Plans, there is nothing you need to do or set up. It's simple and worry free.

Worry-Free Data only applies in NZ – be sure to set up Spend Control if you haven't already to keep tabs on your bill when you're roaming overseas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have set up a Spend Control limit on my Plan, how will that affect the renewal of my Family Share recipients?

    You need to ensure that your Spend Control limit is set high enough so that it covers the charge required to auto-renew all your Family Share or Team Share recipients on each Bill Date. If a recipient does not renew on your Bill Date due to your Spend Control limit, you will be notified by text. You will only be charged for successful renewals. Any recipient that does not renew will be notified by text and will go on hold until your next Bill Date. To re-activate the recipient on hold you first need to increase your Spend Control limit. You then need to text STOP UNLIMITED and the recipient 's mobile number to 233, for example STOP UNLIMITED 022XXXXXXX, and then text SHARE UNLIMITED and the recipient 's mobile number to 233, for example SHARE UNLIMITED 022XXXXXXX. The charge for activating a recipient under Family Share or Team Share is $25 per person each month. If your recipient was activated prior to 2 March 2014, then you will be charged $20 per person each month until that recipient is removed.  

    If you have any more questions we’re happy to help. You can contact us by email, call us free by dialling 200 from your 2degrees mobile or by dialling 0800 022 022 from any other number.

  • How do I unsubscribe from 2degrees marketing messages?

    If you want to unsubscribe from marketing messages from 2degrees, simply text STOP to 222 or update your personal preferences in Your 2degrees. If you're getting SPAM from companies or individuals, check out our SPAM page for more information.

  • What if I get my locked phone repaired, does it stay locked?
    If you get your locked phone repaired, it will remain locked.
  • Can I change to a Pay Monthly Plan with a locked phone?
    You can change to a Pay Monthly plan with a locked phone, there is no restriction on what you can do as long as the phone is used on the 2degrees network.
  • How do I unlock my phone?

    If you would like to unlock your phone, please call Customer Care on 200 from your mobile or 0800 022 022 to receive your unlock code.  Once you have your unlock code you will need to follow the relevant instructions for your phone, click here for instructions. A $30 (incl. GST) unlocking fee may apply to unlock your phone.

  • How can I find out if my phone is locked to 2degrees?
    When you purchase your phone it will be clearly marked with ‘this phone will only work with a 2degrees SIM’.  To check if your phone is locked, you can pop a SIM from another network into your phone. If you are presented with lock message the phone is locked.  If you are unsure if your phone is locked please call Customer Care on 200 from your mobile or 0800 022 022.