Bring your number

You can bring your whole number when you change to 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.


All you'll need ...

  • A 2degrees SIM card
  • A copy of your bill if you are a Pay Monthly customer
  • 5 minutes of your time

If you’ve ticked all these boxes you can log into Your 2degrees and do it right now, but if you want to sign up to Pay Monthly you’ll need to do the sign up before you start to bring your number over.

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It's so easy to bring your whole number when you change to 2degrees, even the 021 or 027 bit.


Find out more about transferring your number.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my Carryover minutes if I change my Pay Monthly or Business plan?

    The great news is all of our current plans all have Carryover minutes. That means if you change* to one of our current Pay Monthly or Business plans and currently have Carryover minutes, your Carryover minutes come with you!

    If you’re on one of our old plans , why not check out our current range of fantastic value Pay Monthly and Business* Please note that if you’re on one of our retired plans and moving to another retired plan that doesn’t come with Carryover, your Carryover minutes won’t be transferred.  

    *If you’re on a fixed term, charges may apply to change plans. Don’t worry; we’ll let you know in advance if there will be any charges as a result of a change.

  • How do I unsubscribe from 2degrees marketing messages?

    If you want to unsubscribe from marketing messages from 2degrees, simply text STOP to 222 or update your personal preferences in Your 2degrees. If you're getting SPAM from companies or individuals, check out our SPAM page for more information.

  • Can I use my locked phone with another SIM card in it overseas?
    No, a locked phone will only work with a 2degrees SIM.
  • Can I move from 2degrees if I have a locked phone?

    Phone locking means that the phone can only be used on the 2degrees network.  If you wish to move to another network using that locked phone you would have to unlock the phone first. A $30 unlocking fee may apply, check out our Phone Locking page for more information.

  • What if I get my locked phone repaired, does it stay locked?
    If you get your locked phone repaired, it will remain locked.
  • Can I change to a Pay Monthly Plan with a locked phone?
    You can change to a Pay Monthly plan with a locked phone, there is no restriction on what you can do as long as the phone is used on the 2degrees network.