Topping Up on 2degrees Prepay

There are lots of easy ways to top up your Prepay account.

When you top up, your Prepay credit is valid for 365 days from that date.

Online Top Up

Top up online right now using a NZ Credit Card or Visa Debit Card with our handy top up tool. Or you can add a Value Pack charging your Credit or Debit Card.

Top up now

Top up with the 2degrees app

Smartphone users can top up using the 2degrees App (available on the App Store or Google Play).


If you’re a BNZ customer, download the BNZ App from the App Store or Google Play to top up directly from your bank account.

Auto Top Up

Set Auto Top Up in Your 2degrees so you never have to worry about running out of credit.

Set up Auto Top Up

Top Up Voucher

Buy a Top Up Voucher from one of over 600 locations.

Find a store near you

Phone top up

Free call 0800 022 022 or 201 from mobile, and have a Credit/Debit Card or voucher ready.

Me2U top up

Share credit with or receive credit from a friend or family member on 2degrees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I keep getting low balance text messages, can I stop this?

    If our system 'sees' that you have a low balance for data or credit, it tries to be helpful by telling you so. If you could have a look at your phone and see what the update is and turn it off, or alter the settings so it searches less frequently, the text messages will be less frequent.  

    If you want to stop any low balance notifications, text 'stop low' to 233. To start the service back up again, text 'start low' to 233.  

  • How do I get my Value Pack to automatically renew each month?

    For Pay Monthly customers:

    Most Value Packs purchased by you will auto-renew on the day you get your bill, but you can stop them from auto-renewing at any time.  

    We will apply a Value Pack on your purchase date (Initial Pack), and then the Pack will automatically renew each month on your Billing Date until you stop the pack.  

    For example, if you purchase your Initial Pack on 29 July, and the next Billing Date for your Account is 1 August, your Pack will automatically renew on the 1 August, and continue to automatically renew each month thereafter on your Billing Date. We bill in arrears so the first Value Pack purchased will be billed on your next bill following purchase and the renewed Vale Packs will be billed on each subsequent Billing Date.  

    See our Managing your Pay Monthly Value Packs page for more info on validity and auto renews.  

    For Prepay customers:  

    Most 2degrees Value Packs auto renew monthly on the same date of original purchase and some will also renew once you have almost used up your Value Pack allocation of entitlements, so you can be confident you're always getting the best value. Auto-renewal is subject to you having enough credit at the time the pack tries to renew itself. If you don't have enough credit at this time, simply top up within 14 days and your pack will still automatically renew. We will send a text to confirm the auto renew success, or tell you if there's been a problem.  

    Once your pack renews, it will last for its usual validity period beginning from the date it was originally scheduled to renew. If your Pack's validity period is stated as 1 month, then this will be one calendar month. For more information on packs click here. You can schedule a Monthly Auto Top Up  for the day before your pack auto renews so that you never have to worry.  

    See our Prepay Plus Value Packs or Prepay Standard Value Packs pages for more info on validity and auto renewal.

  • Can I share data on Prepay?

    On Prepay, you can't share your own prepay data with other devices. However you can use data that has been shared with you from another Pay Monthly account. For more info on Shared Data, click here.

  • How do I keep my unused Carryover Data /Minutes in Prepay Plus?

    To ensure your unused Carryover Minutes carry over to the next month you need to keep active any of these packs: $19 Carryover Combo, Chat 200 or Chat 60. Unused Carryover Minutes can be accrued for up to 12 months and will expire on the day prior to the anniversary of the date when they were first allocated.  

    Carryover Data is only available on our 2degrees Carryover Combo. To ensure your unused Carryover Data carries over to the next month for up to 12 months you need to keep your Carryover Combo active during that time. If you have any unused Carryover Data and your Carryover Combo does not renew, the Carryover Data will go on hold for 14 days, and you will not be able to use it.