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Faulty mobile devices

If somehow the device we sent you turns out to be faulty when you open it up then we may be able to replace it for you at no cost. Call us on 0800 022 022 and we'll send you a courier bag so you can return it. Please see the exclusions that apply to Apple devices below. If we inspect your handset and it turns out not to be faulty then we'll send it back to you without replacing it or giving you a refund.

If you buy a mobile device from Your 2degrees that stops working within the manufacturer's warranty period, just call us on 0800 022 022 and we will let you know how you can return it. At this point, you may need to pay a bond to cover the cost of inspection by the manufacturer. If there is a genuine fault with your mobile device you'll get the bond back and the manufacturer will repair or replace your mobile device as stated in their warranty terms. Warranty claims are also subject to the other terms and conditions that you'll find in the manufacturer's warranty that you'll get with your handset.

Faulty mobile devices - Apple device

Please note that if you have purchased any Apple device and on receiving the device it turns out to be faulty or becomes faulty at any time during the manufacturer's warranty period, then that device will come under the manufacturer's warranty process. Please call us on 0800 022 022 and we will let you know how you can return it. We will not require you to pay a bond in respect of your Apple device and if there is a genuine fault with the device the manufacturer will repair it or replace it with a remanufactured Apple device in accordance with the terms of their warranty. Please read the Apple manufacturer's warranty carefully.

In Warranty Returns

When to use this form:
You have purchased a mobile device directly from the 2degrees online store.

The hardware has become faulty and you have spoken to Customer Care on 249 who have advised to download the warranty return form.

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