Phone repairs

Our stores may be closed during the Covid lockdown, but we’re still here for repairs. We’re working with Fonefix as well as Samsung to help anyone who has a problem with their phone.

Samsung phones

For any issues with a Samsung phone, you can call the Samsung Customer Care Centre direct on 0800 SAMSUNG (0800 726 7864).

All other phone brands

For all other phone brands Fonefix can help. Drop them a note at and their team will determine the best way to sort you out. If your issue is more pressing you can also call them on 0800 366 334.

If your phone is an Oppo, Fonefix will probably have to book it direct with Oppo for any repairs.

2degrees’ Care Team

If you’d prefer to go through our Care team, you can also give us a call. Please remember our Care team are flat out helping customers facing Covid disruption, so if possible you should try the direct routes listed above first.

Frequently Asked Questions

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