Getting the most out of your smartphone

There are a couple of things you need to check to ensure you always get the best experience using your Smartphone on the 2degrees network.

The latest software

With Smartphones, there can quite often be regular software updates. These updates can range from security fixes, to OS upgrades/enhancements. It’s important to keep your device up to date to make sure it is secure and operating at its best.

Activate data roaming

To maximise your national mobile data coverage on 2degrees (access to the Internet, email and MMS messaging), check that data roaming is enabled on your phone or device. There are no additional charges associated with this within New Zealand.

Please note that by setting up data roaming your handset will also be able to access the Internet when you travel overseas, so Pay Monthly customers might want to set up Spend Control before travelling overseas.


Here are the steps to set up data roaming for some specific devices:

Android – Navigate to your mobile network settings and ensure Data roaming is on.

Windows Phone – Depending on the version of Windows your device is running:

  • Navigate to Settings > mobile network> Data roaming options and select roam from the dropdown box
  • Navigate to Settings > mobile + SIM options and select roam from the dropdown box.

Other – Check under Settings and look for a data roaming option to turn on.


Frequently Asked Questions

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