Pool Plan

Pool Plan

Sick of your mates not having enough data to like your latest Insta post? Or is it hard getting your kids to call you back because they’re out of minutes? Now you can create a Pool on your account to share minutes, texts and data and the bill!

Simply choose the amount of data you want to share between you, and how many people you want to share it with. You can choose between the Unlimited Plan, 10GB Pool Plan or 25GB Pool Plan. Easy!

What you get

  • Unlimited* calls and texts to NZ & Aussie for each person
  • Shareable NZ Carryover Data on the 10GB or 25GB Pool Plan
  • Unlimited NZ Data on the Unlimited Plan for each person
  • The convenience of one bill for up to 4 people.
  • You can add an interest free phone to your account for any Member in the Pool. The monthly repayment will be added to the bill at the end of the month

Unlimited Plan

If you’re the Leader or Member of an Unlimited Plan there are a couple of extra things to know.

Because you have an unlimited amount of data, you won’t need to worry about how much data each person is using. But just so that everyone on our network gets to enjoy our best service, we’ll let you run wild at max speed until you’ve used 40GB and then we will slow your data speed to 1Mbps until your next bill cycle, which is plenty to keep doing whatever you want to do on your smartphone like catching up on the latest Amazon Prime video shows. At the end of your bill cycle, you will be reset to top speed once again.

And because you have unlimited data every month, you won’t need to stockpile anything for next month. So your data won’t Carryover like our other Pool Plans.

Why are we slowing down data heavy users?

2degrees is all about fighting for fair. We want to make sure our network doesn’t slow anyone down and a few heavy users aren’t hogging the fast lane for everyone else

What happens if my speed is slowed?

Your speed will be reduced to basic 3G speeds after 40GB. But don’t worry, this should be enough for most things you need to do on your mobile. Then you’ll be back up to full speed again when your plan renews on your next bill date.

What if someone in the Pool uses 40GB, does that mean the speed is slowed for everyone in the Pool?

That wouldn’t be fair now would it? Don’t worry, it’s on an individual basis which means that if anyone in your Pool uses 40GB, it’s just only their mobile speed that is slowed. The remaining Pool members mobile speeds will be unaffected and they can keep streaming and scrolling at full speed.

The ins and outs of your Pool Plan

How to set up your Pool 

Simply call our friendly Telesales team on 0800 022 055, head into your nearest 2degrees store, or request a call back online to see if your current plan is eligible.

How many people can I have in my Pool? 

You can have a maximum of 1 Leader and 4 Members per Pool.

How can I add people to my Pool?

Want to add a friend? Call Customer Care on 0800 022 022, head into your nearest 2degrees store, or call our Telesales team on 0800 022 055.

How can I remove people from my Pool? 

If it’s them not you, and you’d like to go your separate ways- no worries. Call Customer Care on 0800 022 022 or head into your nearest 2degrees store and they’ll sort you out.

What if the Leader wants to leave the Pool?

Had a falling out, moving overseas, or you’re just not that into them anymore? No problem. Call our Care team on 0800 022 022 and they’ll help you out. 

How to pay for your Pool Plan

One of your Pool will be the Leader, so choose who it is wisely. We’d recommend your most reliable because they’ll be the one responsible for the bill.

You’ll notice in your bill, that we’ve broken the cost down into a few easy items; the Carryover Plan which the Leader is on, and a Pool Plan for each additional member. That way you can see exactly what’s going on.

The Leader of your Pool will also be able to buy extra Data Packs for your crew if you happen to make your way through all your Carryover Data.

How can I see who is in my Pool?

We’d hope you don’t forget the names of your nearest and dearest, but just incase you have a sudden mind block you can see all the numbers of the members in your Pool in Your 2degrees or in your 2degrees App.

How can I get more data for the Pool?

Already run out? We can help with that. All the Leader needs to do is to choose the amount of data to add to the Pool and text 233 the Pack name. You can choose between $10 500MB NZ Carryover Pack, $20 1GB NZ Carryover Pack or the mighty $50 15GB NZ Carryover Pack.

The Leader is the only one able to add Data Packs, so make sure their number is on speed dial. The cost of the pack will be added to the bill at the end of the month. Easy.

How can I set up Spend Control for the Pool?

If you’re the Leader of the Pool, you can either set the Spend Control Limits for your members, or give them access to set their own. If you’re not sure how to give your Members access, call our Customer Care team on 0800 022 022.

Can I still share data to people outside of the Pool?

You sure can! If the Leader wants to share the love outside your Pool, they can follow the normal Shared Data steps.

Things you should know:

  • *Fair Use Policy applies.
  • The Leader must be on a $55 Carryover Plan ,$70 Carryover Plan or $85 Unlimited Plan,  to be eligible for the Pool Plan.
  • Maximum of 4 people for data sharing per Pool.
  • $25 charge per month (or part month) applies for each Pool Plan Member. Charge is in addition to the monthly Carryover Plan charge.
  • Standard NZ and Aussie minutes and person to person text only. Premium rate numbers excluded. Calls and texts to countries other than NZ & Aussie cannot be shared. NZ data usage only.
  • Customers on an Unlimited Plan enjoy Max data speeds until they reach 40GB of individual usage within that month. Once they reach 40GB as an individual, they will be throttled to 1Mbps for the remainder of their bill cycle. Speed reset at the start of the new bill cycle. Fair use policy applies.
  • If a Member wants to join the Pool but has an existing interest free phone. They will have to pay this off before joining the Pool Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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