Keeping an eye on your data usage


You can regularly keep track of your data usage in your 2degrees Mobile App or by logging in to Your 2degrees and clicking on Your usage. To keep a record click filter by Data and Download transactions to export to Excel.

Alternatively you can dial *100*1# to check your balance from your mobile phone. Your current balances will be displayed on your screen.

Managing your apps

When downloading new apps it's important to check the following details to understand how the app works:

  1. The size of the download
  2. The app description
  3. The permissions the app requires and that you allow

If you give the app permission to access data at any time, it may do so without you even opening it.

Have a look at what apps you have and delete any that you don’t need or use. These apps may be using data in the background. You can also download apps that help you manage and monitor your data usage.

Your Handset

Look out for notifications that tell you data is being used on your handset.

Read your handset manual to understand how it works. Adjust your data settings to better manage your data usage.

Wi-Fi settings

You can connect to a Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet instead of using mobile data. If the Wi-Fi connection drops, your handset may default back to using mobile data.

Average Data Usage

This Average Data Usage table will give you an idea of how much data your favourite online activities use when you connect to the internet on your smartphone or desktop. Remember this table is a guide only, and you need to make sure you keep track of your own data usage while in NZ or overseas.

Data Usage on Mobiles

(browsing mobile friendly sites)

Average Usage Per 1 MB
Mobile TradeMe 7kb per web page 146 web pages
Mobile Gmail 20kb per email 51 emails
Mobile Twitter 71kb per tweet 14 tweets
Mobile YouTube 1,240kb per minute 48 seconds

Data Usage on Computers & Mobiles

(browsing non-mobile friendly sites)

Average Usage Per 1 MB
TradeMe web pages 84kb web page 12 web pages
Text only emails 75kb per email 13 emails
Facebook web pages 84kb per web page 8 pages
Instant Messaging 24kb per message 42 messages
Music download 4,096kb per 4MB song 1/4 of a song


This usage guide is based on average usage values as an example only, and should not be taken as a real indication of cost or usage. (Source: TCF International Mobile Roaming Guide, 6/05/2011). For your reference, there are 1024kb (kilobytes) in 1MB (megabyte), and 1024MB in 1GB (gigabyte).


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