Credit limits

When you sign up for a 2degrees Mobile Account, we set a credit limit for your account. Your credit limit is shared across all the connections on your account. 

We’ll let you know what your credit limit is in your Welcome email once we’ve activated your account. 

If you reach this credit limit, you and anyone else on your account may not be able to use charged 2degrees services outside of your plan until payment is made. Don't worry, you'll still be able to use any included plan minutes, text and data but you won't be able to use any services that have a charge. We’ll let the Account Holder know when your account is approaching its credit limit.

There may be instances where your account can go over its credit limit, so for the best control of your mobile bill, we recommend setting up a Spend Control limit to manage what you’re spending over and above your individual monthly plan charges. Find out more and set up your Spend Control here.



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