Set up a Free Calling Group

With Free Calling Groups you can talk as much as you like with your nearest and dearest for FREE* without using up your Plan Minutes. To get set up simply pop into your nearest 2degrees retailer.

You can have up to 5 Pay Monthly connections in a Free Calling Group. All the connections must be on a Group Account (all billed on the same bill). Once set up, calling between the group is free, so you can chat as much as you like with those closest to you.image gallery copy 2


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • *Fair Use Policy applies to Free Calling Group. Free calling only between connections billed under the same Group Account. NZ national calls only (Free Calling Group does not apply to calls made to or from a connection that is roaming internationally), excludes Data Plans.
  • If you have a Pay Monthly Plan or Carryover Data Plan you can request to set up a Group Account. All connections added to your Group Account must be on a Pay Monthly Plan or Carryover Data Plan. Carryover Data Plans connected to your Group Account are not eligible for Free Calling Group.
  • All connections under a Group Account will be combined on the same bill. The owner of the Group Account is responsible for each connection billed under that Group Account.
  • Group Account eligibility criteria apply, visit a 2degrees retailer to find out if you are eligible to set up a Group Account and benefit from having a Free Calling Group.