From 22 March 2019, we’re shutting down our Ring Me text service, so after this date the service will no longer exist. We’re sorry for any hassle.

What is 2degrees Ring Me?

2degrees Ring Me is a free service that tells someone to call you. The service is free so you can use it even if you have run out of credit.

How does 2degrees Ring Me work?

It’s simple. Just text the number of the person you want to call you to shortcode RING (7464). A text will be sent to them telling them that you’re keen to hear from them.

How quickly is my request sent?

It’s pretty much instant. In most cases it will be sent within about 30 seconds.

Is there a charge for 2degrees Ring Me?

No, it’s completely free. The only time a charge will apply is if you text from overseas. The service will still work if either party is overseas but standard international text rates will apply.

Will Ring Me work for all 2degrees accounts?

Yes, this service will work on and between 2degrees Prepay and Pay Monthly accounts.

Are there any limits to how many people I can ask to ring me?

Yes, you can send 10 Ring Me requests per calendar month (or 10 Ring Me requests per Billing Month if you are a Pay Monthly customer). After this, the service will not work for you until the following month.

If someone sends me a Ring Me request do I have to call them?

No, it’s completely up to you whether you call the person back or not.

Can I stop people sending Ring Me requests?

Yes, just send ‘STOP’ to RING (7464) and your number will be blocked from the service. The person sending the Ring Me request will get a response text telling them that you have requested not to receive Ring Me requests. If you change your mind and want to re-join the service, just text ‘JOIN’ to RING (7464).

What if my phone is stolen?

If you suspend your account, or report your phone as lost or stolen, the Ring Me service will not work.


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