Mobile Repayment Options

Now you can get the latest smartphone with a great value plan for a more affordable price.

We’re all about offering the best option for our customers. That’s why you can now choose how long you want to repay your phone over.

-       12 months – larger monthly amounts, paid off quicker

-       24 months

-       36 months – smaller monthly amounts, for longer

All you need to do is pay $29 upfront to set up your interest free option, and choose the term option that works for you.

The monthly repayments will be added to your monthly bill in addition to your plan charges. Please note that an interest free option is only available on select phones, and on a $40 Carryover Plan and above for consumer.

How do I get it on a Pay Monthly Plan?

Call 0800 022 055 (8am - 8pm), head to our online store, visit any 2degrees Store or any of the following retailers: Harvey Norman, Yoobee, Noel Leeming and Warehouse Stationery.

How do I get it on a Business Plan?

Give us a call on 0800 022 249 and we’ll put you in touch with either your local Business Sales Consultant or arrange for a call back.



Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Mobile repayment option only available for selected phones when you join an eligible plan and make a minimum $29 upfront payment.
  • You will repay the total price of your phone (once your upfront payment has been applied) interest free over a 24 month term.
  • If you terminate your Plan or move to a non-eligible Plan prior to the end of your 24 month repayment term you will be required to immediately repay the outstanding balance on your phone. This will be in addition to any early termination charges or plan transfer charges which may apply.