International Calling & Texting


Enter your 2degrees mobile number and the name of the country you're looking for and we'll let you know the costs.

2degrees are taking the high costs out of international calling as we know that New Zealander's conduct business around the world.

Other calls

Calls to Scott Base Antarctica (+64240) $2.50

And if you want to call or text people with satellite phones, then the rates are:

Inmarsat $12.00 a minute $2.00 per text
Iridiun $12.00 a minute $2.00 per text



Frequently Asked Questions

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All voice minutes are rounded up to the nearest minute. You can't use the minutes, texts or data you get as part of your plan allocations when you are overseas.


*Claim based on a comparison between 2degrees standard casual Australian roaming rates and those advertised by all other NZ mobile roaming operators as at 7 July 2014. Rates apply when using your phone in Australia only. Rates are in NZ currency, and are GST exempt. ^Based on calls to standard NZ and Australian mobile and landlines only. Calls rounded to the nearest minute. **Based on our 100MB International Data Pack. Your effective per MB rate will depend on your data usage per session. Data usage on an International Data Pack is rounded to the nearest 5.12KB. When roaming in Australia on an International Data Pack a minimum usage of 20.48KB per session applies and when roaming in the US or UK on an International Data Pack a minimum data usage of 10.24 KB per session applies. See full Terms and Conditions