Free Calling Groups

Whether you have 2 or 222 people in your team, with Free Calling Groups on your 2degrees Business account, your team can talk to each other as much as they like for FREE**. And it won't use up the minutes on your standard monthly plans. It's the perfect way for everyone in your business to keep in touch with one another.

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Who is in my Free Calling Group?

All Team Members will be entitled to zero rated calling to their other Team Members on the same bill (their "Free Calling Group"), when using their 2degrees mobile. Zero rated calling in the Free Calling Group only applies where both parties (i.e. the person making the call and the person receiving the call) are on the same account on plans with included calling, and are both in New Zealand.

How many accounts do I need to be eligible for a Free Calling Group?

There are no minimum connections required for a Free Calling Group. It applies automatically to every Team Member on the same bill, excluding those on data-only plans without included minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • *Fair Use Policy applies to Free Calling Group. Free calling only between connections billed under the same Business Account. NZ national calls only (Free Calling Group does not apply to calls made to or from a connection that is roaming internationally), excludes Data Plans.
  • All connections under a Business Account will be combined on the same bill. The owner of the Business Account is responsible for each connection billed under that Business Account.