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Important update: We’re all about fighting for fair. We want to make sure our network doesn’t slow anyone down. That’s why from 15 April 2019 Data Clock max speeds will be reduced to 1Mbps after 40GB/month, to stop anyone hogging the fast lane.

We all want to stream data on the go, without worrying about how much we’ll have left to last us the rest of the month. Luckily, some pretty onto-it worker bees have sussed out a solution to solve our data worries.

Data Clock lets you buy data by the minute, instead of the megabyte. Because let’s be honest, how many people know how many megabytes a 5 minute video is anyways? Now you can buy a time-based pack to last you an hr, 3 hrs or even 24hrs. Perfect for the commute, the lunch break, or a weekend away. 

Who can get Data Clock?

Anyone on a 2degrees Pay Monthly Carryover Plan or Prepay can use Data Clock. All they have to do is to head to their Google Play or App Store and download it.

Check what you’re on by heading to Your 2degrees or your 2degrees App. You can change your Pay Monthly plan in Your 2degrees to one of the $30/$40/$55 or $70 Carryover Plans. You’ll receive an SMS once this has been processed, so that you can go and download the Data Clock app.

How do I download Data Clock?

  1. Head to your Google Play or App Store and click download.
  2. Once downloaded, you’ll need to register with your 2degrees phone number. 

How do I grab a time-based pack?

Once you’re in the Data Clock app, you’ll see several different packs on your home screen. Flick between these packs, and choose the time amount that you’re looking for. Once found, tap the pack and a timer will appear, counting down the time you have left on your pack. Please note that once you’ve started a pack, you can’t pause it- so make sure you only buy the time amount you need.

As soon as you start a Data Clock pack, all your other data usage will be paused so that you don’t keep chewing through your combo/plan Data.

Once the pack has run out of time, you can choose to add another pack, or go back to your normal combo/plan data allowance. It’s your call.

How do I pay for a time-based pack?

If you’re on Prepay, you’re phone’s credit balance will be updated on the Data Clock app so you can see how much credit you have left. Simply refresh the homepage once you’ve purchased to see your most up to date balance.

If you’re on Pay Monthly, the cost of the pack will be added to your Pay Monthly bill at the end of the month. Easy!

Are there any limits to my data use?

We’re all about fighting for fair. Grab yourself a few Data Clock packs and you can stream to your hearts content up to 40GB of Data Clock data per month, then we’ll slow down mobile speeds to up to 1Mbps (ie 3G speed) so there aren’t a few hogging the fast lane. If we put a little pressure on the brakes, don’t worry, you’ll be back up to full speed again the following month.

Frequently Asked Questions

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