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Our Prepay and Pay Monthly Plans are packed to the brim with calls, texts and data to keep you chatting, tapping and scrolling. Now you get all the freedom of no long-term contacts with Carryover Data. Here’s a few important things you need to know.

How do Carryover Minutes and Carryover Data work?

If you pay for it, it’s yours. It’s only fair. At 2degrees, any of your unused Carryover Minutes and Data in any month will be carried over to  following months for as long as you keep you plan active. You’ve got 12 months to use it, so anything left over won’t go to waste.

If I use up all of my included minutes or texts, and any Carryover Minutes or Data, what will I be charged?

If you’re on a current Pay Monthly Mobile plan or have used Data Clock, you’ll have Worry-Free Data turned on automatically, so you’ll be stopped in your tracks and won’t incur any additional casual data use costs. Nice.

If you’re on Prepay and run out of data, you can keep using casual data if you’ve got credit, but you’ll be charged for casual data of $0.50c per MB.

For the best value, if you’re out of data, you should add one of our awesome Prepay or Pay Monthly Data Add-ons, which won’t break the bank.

As soon as all your included minutes are used up you’ll return to our standard calling rates. Your standard rates will depend on which Plan you are on. If you want to continue getting best value, you can buy an Add-on to get you through the rest of the month or boost your balances each month.

How do I view my account details and usage?

You can see your usage and remaining balances at any time in the 2degrees Mobile App, by logging in to Your 2degrees or dial ‘*100*4#’ from your 2degrees mobile and following the on-screen prompts.

How will I know when my included minutes, texts and data are topped up again?

Your included minutes, texts and data get topped up on the same day each month for you – and we carryover any unused minutes and data. This is the day that we email you your bill. To see this date just login to our app or Your 2degrees.


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