Business Connect

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One simple shared plan for the mobiles in your business. Whether you have 2 or 200 connections, our new Business Connect plan offers you great value and convenience.

Your whole team gets Unlimited* Calls and Texts on their phone and shares the same pool of Carryover Data, so no one needs to think twice before they use their phone. Plus you can add tablets to share with as well.

What's included

How it works

No need to worry about balances

When your team’s pool of data gets low, it’s automatically topped up. Sign up to Your 2degrees to access your account information online and you can see how much you’ve personally used in the ‘Your Usage and spend’ section.

Keep track of extra spend

In Your 2degrees you can see how much you’re spending over and above what’s included in your Business Connect Plan. You can set a Spend Control limit to keep tabs on your spend. Find out more about Spend Control.

Differences to other plans

As you don't have any data balances of your own as a team member on Business Connect, you can't set up Shared Data. You can't add any Data Packs to your connection because your data comes from the team's pool of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

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