Getting started with Data

You can use 2degrees Data with your phone, a tablet like an iPad or with a USB modem (dongle) which lets your computer access the internet when WiFi isn't available.

Getting connected

If you are a Prepay or Pay Monthly customer with a 2degrees SIM, your phone will access the internet automatically. Turn your Data Roaming on so that you can access the internet, email and MMS across our entire network. Check our Mobile Settings guidelines.

Getting connected with a USB Modem is easy

  1. Close any open software
  2. Plug your 2degrees USB Modem into your computer
  3. The USB Modem will automatically activate and self install its software
  4. Click Connect!

The software allows you to

  • Send and receive texts (a bit like an email account)
  • Receive updates when your Data Add-on is getting low or about to expire
  • Send texts to top up your account and buy Data Add-ons.

Buying a 2degrees Data Add-on

Check out our full range of Data Add-ons for PrepayPay Monthly and Business.  They’re easy to get your hands on and give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to mobile data.

To buy your Add-on simply log in to Your 2degrees, or text buy and the name of the Add-on you want to 233.

Checking your balance

Either log in to Your 2degrees or you can pop your SIM from the data device into your phone and dial *100*1#

Topping Up

Top up your data SIM card just like your phone. The best way to do this is using the Mobile App on your phone.  Why not grab a great value Plan or Add-on while you’re at it.

Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up is the easiest way to keep on top up your data. Every time your balance drops below $2.50, we’ll text to ask if you want a top up. Reply ‘Y’ and you’ll be topped up straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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