Spend Control

Spend Control keeps an eye on the total spend across minutes, texts and data you have used and spent over and above your monthly Plan allocation, including any extra Add Ons you may purchase during the month. We'll send you a text to notify you when you are within $10 of your Spend Control limit so you can decide if you want to increase your limit.

Example: "I'm on a $40 Carryover Plan and I want to spend no more than $60 per month".

If you have set up a Group Account and would like to manage the spend for each of your connections, then you'll need to ensure each of your connections under your Group Account has Spend Control set up. Each of your connections can do this by calling Care on 200 or heading to a store. We'll then send a text to each connection when they’re within $10 of their limit.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Please see our Spend Control Terms and Conditions for more information.