1Mbps explained

"After 40GB/m reduced Max Speed” explained

You've seen it splashed across our website relating to reduced speeds on our mobile plan that come with 40GB/m of full speed data (per person if on a Pool Plan) then unlimited at max speed of 1Mbps, but what exactly does it mean and how can you expect your mobile experience to change if your speeds are reduced to a max speed of 1Mbps for the remainder of that month?

What's is Mbps?

Not exactly a phrase you use every day is it? Megabit per second (Mbps) relates to the speed of a data connection, in this case your 4G mobile connection. We talk about speeds being reduced to a max speed of 1Mbps on applicable plans if you use over 40GB of mobile data in one month. This means the max speed you’ll receive on your mobile on this plan after 40GB is 1Mbps until your next bill date then its full speed again. Of course actual speeds will vary depending factors including your location, phone and network coverage and congestion.

Why are speeds reduced?

We’re a team of over 1 million 2degrees-ers, and we need to make sure everyone using our mobile network gets a great experience. By reducing the max speeds on our highest users, we can ensure that everyone has room to surf, scroll and chat when they need to the most. You’ll return to full speed when your plan renews on your next bill date.

In a nutshell, what will change?

You can mostly use data on your phone the same as before with 1Mbps max speeds, including listening to music, browsing online, Zooming with your mates, streaming, downloading and watching movies, but the image quality will be impacted (particularly if you’re casting to a big screen).

1Mbps is not suitable for HD video (as there may be buffering or interruptions), some high-speed games and applications, multiple applications, high resolution images and loading large files may take more time.

Using my mobile with 1Mbps max speeds

Just what exactly can you expect with 1Mbps mobile max speeds? We’ve laid it down below.

Using your phone to…

What’s the experience like at 1Mbps max speed?

Send an email

Go for it – no problems here

Check the news online

Get in there – no trouble with this

Rock out to Spotify

Get the party started – no drama here

Make a Skype call

Chat away! Nothing stopping you

Download an app

You can, but it’ll be a little slower than normal

Upload a pic to the ‘Gram

Do it for the ‘Gram! It may take a little longer though

Stream a show on Prime Video

Watching in SD should be a breeze, but HD is not recommended

Watch a YouTube live stream

SD live streaming should be fine, but HD may buffer and freeze

Level up on Fortnight

High-speed games are not suitable but less intensive games are OK

Load a huge file

This may take some time


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