Updates to Your Landline

We’re currently completing some changes to select landlines.

In order to carry out the changes, you will experience a small outage of inbound and outbound calls on your landline for approximately one hour. This outage will occur during business hours and we will confirm the date and time with you by SMS at least 7 days prior to it.

For customers who have additional landline services, please read below to see how you might be effected.

How this will affect Voicemail

This change will reset the Voicemail set up on your landline: it will remove your recorded message and any saved or unread messages.

If you have any messages you wish to keep, we recommend you save these elsewhere.

If you’d like us to save a copy of your messages, please send an email to voicemailrequests@2degreesbroadband.co.nz and include your phone number, as well as the time and date of the message.

Once the work has been completed, you can set up your voicemail again by dialing 456 and following the voice prompts. For more information, please click here.  

How this will affect Call Divert

Instead of dialing 181 or the ID of the number to divert to, you can now use Your 2degrees to manage your settings.

Simply log on here and click Home Phone Plus. Click the Cog icon, and then Call Manager. In here, you can save numbers to divert to, or use a temporary one. For more information, check out our website.

Your Call Divert settings will reset as part of this Migration, and will need to be set up in Your 2degrees.

During this outage, any Call Divert you have set up will turn off. To set up a temporary one during this time, or if you use a PBX or other telephony system on this number please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or the Business Care team on 0800 022 249, opt 9 opt 4.

How this will affect Faxability

This may change the way you use your fax machine, dependent on your settings.

Your Fax tone will be the same as a phone call, so you may need to change your Fax Machine setting. To find a fax setting that suits you, refer to your Fax Manual for more information on changing your settings, or check out our website here.

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