Circle with Disney

Perfect for families (or a tightly run flat), Circle is a parental control device to keep your family safe online. Not only that, but it can help you set weekday and weeknight bedtimes, off time and even pause the internet! Quality time with the family is just a tap away. 

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that Mum and Dad, or Aunty and Grandad can’t stream TV at 10pm. Circle with Disney lets you set online restrictions per device via your home Wi-Fi connection without even needing the device in your hands. And we’re not just talking about tablets or smartphones. You can use Circle on TV’s, laptops and more.

Not only does Circle with Disney restrict kids from going online, it also helps you to set up time limits for apps like Minecraft, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and a whole lot more. Gone are the days of timing an hour on the oven; simply set up the time limit on Circle and you’re away.

What do you need to use Circle with Disney?

Before you get started, you’ll need to make sure you have the following items ready to go:

  • Your Circle Device 
  • Micro-USB cable (included in box)
  • USB power adapter plug (included in box)
  • The Circle App (go to to download)
  • Your home Wi-Fi network name & password

You’ll also need to make sure you have up to date systems to run Circle on:

  • The Circle app. Circle's app requires an iOS device running iOS 9 or later or an Android device running Jelly Bean (4.2) or later.
  • A compatible Wi-Fi router. If you haven't checked this yet, head here to check on your router's compatibility with Circle.

Pairing Circle with Disney with your Wi-Fi Router:

1. Place the Circle device near your router and plug it in.

Unlike extenders (or routers themselves), Circle doesn't talk directly to the devices in your home. Rather, Circle works by communicating directly with your router. To ensure that Circle is able to secure and maintain a strong connection on your network, place it in the same room as your router within about 5 feet (but not directly on top of the router), and then plug the unit into power.

Note: During the initial pairing of the Circle device to your Wi-Fi, we recommend not using the Ethernet cable to connect Circle to your router. 

2. Begin Setup.

Ensure that the device you have downloaded the Circle app onto is connected to your home Wi-Fi, then launch the Circle app and tap Get Started.

For Android Users: If you are running into trouble during pairing, it's possible that you need to clear out your Circle app's data. To do this, go to Android Settings >> Apps >> Circle >> Storage, and tap "Clear App Data". This option may look different based on the Android device and version.

3. Get updates & plug in the Circle device.

Allow the Circle app to check for updates, then plug your Circle device into power using the USB cable and power adapter that came in the packaging.
4. Connect to the Circle device hotspot.

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and connect to the Circle device's hotspot (a unique Wi-Fi network broadcasted by the Circle device itself). The name will be something like "Circle-3HA7". Use the password "mycircle" to join the Circle device's hotspot, then return to the Circle app.
  2. NOTE: Do not connect back to your home Wi-Fi until after you have selected your home Wi-Fi from inside the Circle app and receive the confirmation that the pairing process is complete.

5. Tell Circle your Wi-Fi network & password. 

Once you are connected to the Circle device hotspot and have returned to the Circle app, tap "Continue" to select your Wi-Fi network in the list of available networks that Circle has found, and enter your password. Use the "Show Password" toggle to ensure that you have entered your Wi-Fi password correctly.

Note: If the list of Wi-Fi networks does not fill in, close the Circle app and try beginning setup again. Android users may need to turn off their mobile data and then try again. 

6. Connect back to your home Wi-Fi. 

Once your Circle device has paired to your home Wi-Fi, you will receive a confirmation in the Circle app. At this point, go back to your Wi-Fi settings in the device you're using to set up the Circle device, and reconnect to your Home Wi-Fi. After this, return to the Circle app.

Note: After pairing, the Circle device hotspot will disappear. This helps prevent accidental connection after pairing has finished.

Setting up your Circle with Disney Account

  1. Enter the name and email for your account. 

    Enter the name you want Circle to know you by in the top box and your email in the bottom one. We will send you a verification email that you can revisit at your convenience.

    Note: Entering your name and email in opposite boxes will result in Circle sending you an error
  1. Enter your phone number in case of recovery.

    In the event you reinstall the Circle app, or want to use another device to manage Circle, we'll use this phone number to text you a "passcode" so that you aren't locked out of managing your Circle! Tap Next to move on.

    Non-US Circle setup: The Circle app will automatically detect the regional information setup in the device that you are using to set up your Circle device and insert the country code for you. If the country code that is automatically selected does not match your actual phone number, you may tap on the country flag or phone icon to select the proper country code.
  1. Review the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. 

    We have provided links to the EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy. By continuing in the setup process, you are agreeing to the terms set up there. Take a look, then press Create Account to finish the process!

Using Circle

To turn the Circle device ON:

  1. Plug your Circle device into a power outlet using the USB cable and power adapter supplied with your purchase (see image below)
  2. The Circle device will turn ON when connected to power and the LED will illuminate, indicating that your Circle device has power.
  3. If the Circle device does not power on, press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds until the LED indicator turns ON.

To turn the Circle device OFF:

The Circle device was designed with enterprising kids in mind and has an internal battery that will keep it working, even if it's unplugged. There may be times, however, when you may need to turn your Circle device off, and this is how:

  1. Locate the power button on the back of your Circle device.
  2. Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds until the LED power indicator turns off.
  3. Release the power button.

NOTE: If the Circle device is still connected to a power outlet, a loss and return of power to that outlet will most likely cause the Circle device to power ON. Remove the Circle device's power adapter to prevent this.

If the Circle device won't turn or stay powered ON:

If your Circle device is not turning on or seems to have difficulty staying on, it is possible that your Circle device is having power-related problems. Here are a few things to check to make sure that the Circle device is getting enough power:

  1. Ensure that the power cable is fully plugged in.
    The USB power cable must be inserted completely and snugly into both your Circle device and the power adapter plug to function properly.
  2. Try another power outlet.
    Occasionally, power outlets do not perform properly. You may need a different outlet for your Circle device.
  3. Try another USB cable or USB wall adaptor. 
    It is possible that your Circle device was shipped with a malfunctioning USB cable or plug. If you use another power cable or plug and find that your Circle device is now consistently receiving power, please let us know using the links below, and we will replace your defective components.


Alert Shows You Are Not Connected To The Circle Hotspot Anymore

The Circle device will set up a temporary hotspot when it is not paired to a Wi-Fi network. This Circle device hotspot will appear during your initial setup, if you change your Wi-Fi username or password, or if the Circle device cannot communicate with your network for any other reason. This hotspot allows you to connect to the Circle device to pair it with your network.

If during the pairing process you are disconnected from the Circle device hotspot:

  1. Return to your device's Wi-Fi settings and reconnect to your Circle device hotspot.
  2. If the setup will not proceed or reconnect, force close the Circle app and relaunch to restart the pairing process.

If you still cannot connect to the Circle device hotspot while attempting to pair:

  • Move closer to your Circle device. It may be that you are too far away. We recommend being within 3-5 feet.
  • Turn your phone or tablet OFF and then ON. This can free up resources and refresh a number of processes.
  • Ensure that Circle device has power and is turned ON. The light on the back of your Circle should be blinking.
  • Turn your Circle device off and then back on. Wait 60 seconds for your Circle device to startup.
  • Wait at least 60 seconds from powering on the Circle device. This ensures that it has enough time to startup.
  • Toggle off your Wi-Fi then turn it back on. This will refresh the network list.

Recommendation: during the pairing process we recommend that you turn your device's mobile data off, along with any Smart Wi-Fi switching options. A quick search for your phone and those phrases should reveal how to do so.

If the above help isn’t quite what you were after and you’re still having trouble, you can either head to the Circle help website or call them on 0800 472 322. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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