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What is Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband? 

Ultra-Fast Fibre is the next generation of broadband being delivered by the Government’s Fibre Optic Network roll out. 

2degrees Ultra-Fast Fibre is perfect if you’re online a lot and stream TV, movies and music or if you’re into gaming. It offers the best performance for multiple users in the home.

Who can get Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband?

Currently around 40% of metropolitan NZ has access to this network and 86% of urban NZ is expected to be able to connect by 2019.

To find out if Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband is available in your area, use our address checker.

How do I get Ultra-Fast Broadband?

The fibre optic network is being built by four telecommunications infrastructure companies; ChorusEnableNorth Power and Ultra-Fast Fibre. These are called Local Fibre Companies or LFC’s. More information on the expected completion dates for installation can be found on their websites.

If Ultra-Fast Broadband is available in your area then that is the service we’ll provide, for no extra cost. You can opt out of Ultra-Fast Broadband if you want.

2degrees Broadband will arrange your installation set up with your LFC. Typically installation involves 2-3 visits from your local LFC where they will determine the work that needs to be done and then install the devices required in your home. You will need to meet their technician’s onsite during these visits.

VDSL Broadband 

Ideal for those who want faster broadband but aren't in a fibre-ready area yet. Great for streaming TV, movies and music. 

ADSL Broadband

A standard broadband service delivered over a traditional home line and good for everyday use such as general web browsing. It’s ideal for when there’s just one or two people using the connection. 


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