Backup Broadband

We’re here to keep you online, all the time. If something happens to go wrong with your home broadband and we can’t sort it out when you give us a bell, we’ll add data to your mobile to see you through, no worries.

Backup Broadband data will be used first so your plan allowance is safe. You can share and hotspot all you like so everyone in your house stays connected while we get it sorted.  After all, we can’t leave you hanging at your final episode of Stranger Things now, can we?

You’ll be able to see the Backup Broadband data balance on your 2degrees app. If you run out of Backup Broadband data and your broadband still isn’t working, just give us a call and we'll be happy to top you up again. Once you use up all of your Backup Broadband data or it expires, you’ll start using you the regular data allowance of your mobile plan again.

What do you need to do?

If (on the off chance) your broadband does go down, call our Care team on 0800 022 022. We’ll do our best to fix it for you straight away but if we can’t, we’ll sort you out so you don’t get caught out while we solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Who is eligible?

All 2degrees Home Broadband customers with a 2degrees Pay Monthly Plan or 2degrees Prepay Carryover Combo are eligible for Backup Broadband. We’ll apply the data to one 2degrees mobile in your house, which you can then hotspot or data share with your crew. (Remember, data sharing is free with 2degrees!)

How do I share the data with the rest of my home?

With 2degrees, we know that sharing is caring (Thanks, Mum!), that’s why we’ve made it possible for you share your data with your nearest and dearest too. All you have to do is make sure they have a 2degrees SIM in their phone. Find out how here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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