As a leader in the fast delivery market, Urgent Couriers relies on an equally fast communications service to help keep it running at speed.

Two years ago, it switched both its office and field operations to 2degrees in a bid to not only get more value for money for its mobile, but to enable them to access more of one of the businesses data - its most important operating commodity.

Urgent Courier’s CIO Antonio Artisian says the company has grown a strong reputation as one of the best in the business and the base of its success hinges on great communication.

“Communications and technology are vital to our business – gone are the days of just communicating jobs out in the field via text or over RT radio.

We use a sophisticated technology platform that allows our office team to communicate, quickly dispatch and track jobs at any one time with our 140 drivers – and this all relies on 2degrees’ mobile network. Partnering with 2degrees was a great decision and we have never looked back.”

Antonio says the decision to switch to 2degrees was not only based on getting the best value for money, but also due to 2degrees’ innovative approach to new products.

“The biggest drawcard was 2degrees’ Carryover Data. Having a large pool of data via our Business Connect mobile plan that our team can collectively draw from at any time takes the hassle out of managing our communications.

Our data usage fluctuates significantly – for instance, on Valentine’s Day or the lead up to Christmas business is extremely busy, however January is traditionally quiet. 2degrees’ flexible business plans allow us to manage our costs more effectively (as they’re fixed), and we have the bonus of being able to carry over any data we don’t use each month. That’s a real positive for us given all our operations are powered by data. We also appreciate the interest-free handset deals they offer which allows us to continue to scale at the same time as ensuring our costs remain predictable.”

Antonio says the company also shares the same philosophy when it comes to delivering on service.

“We like the fact that 2degrees lives and breathes similar values as our own business around being fast and reliable and the team are always responsive and great to deal with.

Our continued growth also means we regularly bring on new team members and often need new connections quickly. 2degrees makes this happen with ease and we know we can always rely on it to deliver when we need it.”

, Urgent Couriers