2degrees tells its residential broadband customers: “no price rise in 2019”

Telco disruptor 2degrees has announced today that its residential Broadband customers won’t face a price rise during 2019.

The bold move comes in the wake of its key competitors announcing they will be hiking their prices for some, if not all, of their broadband products after an increase in the cost to provide the service.

“It’s our 10th birthday this year and being fair has always been part of the DNA at 2degrees. For us, that means thinking twice before we put prices up.

“If you’re a current 2degrees customer, we’ll swallow the costs on this one and we’ll give you our word that we won’t put your prices up this year,” said Scott Taylor, Chief of Consumer for 2degrees.

Mr Taylor said this was simply another way of saying thank you to its loyal customers and he was quick to invite new customers to join and take advantage of the promise.

“If you’re with the other guys and don’t like the price rise, then come and have a chat to us. They’ve stated that they won’t charge you a break fee if you leave because they’ve put their prices up,” he said.

Mr Taylor said that customers who have their pay monthly mobile and residential broadband with 2degrees will get a further $10 off their monthly Broadband costs.

“While we can’t guarantee we won’t pass on future increases in costs, we think it’s only fair to give our customers certainty for 2019: if you’re with 2degrees for residential Broadband, there’ll be no price increases this year.” 



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