Big Data Minus the Side of Hot Spot/Speed Restrictions

2degrees have boosted their latest mobile plan line-up to offer a 25GB for $70 big data option without hot spot or speed restrictions.

2degrees Chief Marketing Officer Roy Ong says this is all about keeping it simple and giving customers the freedom to use data their way.

“We think bigger data users will appreciate the simplicity of what 2degrees is offering; 25GB for $70, with the freedom to hotspot, share and carryover data.”

“Customers have told us they want more data but that they also want the flexibility to use it on their terms, that means being able to hot spot to their laptop or even share data with friends and family, without the worry of breaking the rules or having their speed throttled.”

Ong says that 2degrees was already migrating customers from their old $89.95 to the new $70 plan and today these customers will get an even better data bonus.

“2degrees has a proud history of challenging the norm in the mobile market and driving value for our 1.4 million customers. We try and do this in a way that solves a genuine customer need.”

And to that point Ong says even though mobile data use is growing quickly the reality is that the majority of Kiwi’s won’t be shopping at the unlimited data or 25GB data end of the market.

“On average our customers use less than 5GB a month so our recently launched 10GB for $55plan is in the sweet spot of what most customers actually want and need, with some built in head room as well.”


For further information please contact:
Lenska Papich
021 410 496

About 2degrees:
Since launch in 2009, 2degrees has made a significant impact on the New Zealand telecommunications market. The company has built a nationwide 2G, 3G and 4G network and lowered mobile costs for Kiwis. In early 2015 2degrees acquired internet service provider Snap to become a full service telecommunications provider. 2degrees has over 55 retail outlets and 98.5% mobile network coverage across the country which is complemented by ADSL, VDSL and UFB services.