2degrees launches new unlimited mobile plan

2degrees launches new unlimited mobile plan

  • Pool plan pricing as low as $40 per month per person
  • Hot spotting included for free – a first in NZ for an unlimited mobile plan
  • Unlimited plan where max speeds reduce after a generous 40GB allowance

2degrees has launched a new Unlimited* mobile plan that lets its customers hotspot or tether for free, and team up with family or friends to pay as little as $40 per month, per person.

“In any other industry, the more you spend, the more you’re rewarded. At 2degrees, we’ve always been proud to give Kiwis a fair deal and this year – the year of our 10th birthday - is no exception,” said Chief of Consumer Scott Taylor.

“The plan comes with an Unlimited data allowance, 40GB of which can be used at the available max speed. After that, a customer’s maximum speeds will slow down to 1Mbps until their next bill, but that speed still offers plenty of juice for normal smart phone use, including music and videos.

“We think it’s only fair that customers can choose how they use their data, so we’ve made sure that hotspotting is part of our Unlimited Mobile Plan, at no extra cost.”

The Pool plan pricing works by having a ‘leader’ of the pool who oversees the plan and takes care of the bill. Then, there’s a lower price for each number that’s added to the account. When it gets to four people, it works out to $40 per person, per month.

Taylor said the plan would likely appeal to families, siblings and groups of friends as a hassle-free way to get Unlimited data on mobile and potentially save money at the same time.

“In addition, by being both a 2degrees mobile and broadband customer means you’ll get a further $10 off your broadband bill per month.”

The Unlimited Mobile Plan comes off the back of a series of announcements from 2degrees in recent months – largely in broadband.

First, it announced it was freezing broadband plan prices for its residential broadband customers for the duration of 2019. Then it launched Amazon Prime Video, which the telco is offering free for 12 months when customers sign up to a 12 month unlimited broadband plan.

“With 10 years of fighting for fairness in the telco market under our belt, we’re still delivering value for Kiwis. It’s just what we do,” said Taylor.

The marketing campaign for Pool Plan offers a sneak peak of the new brand look and feel, which uses emojis – the universal language of the mobile and digital world – and was crafted together with TBWA.

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Notes to editors

*Fair Use Policy applies. Max speeds reduce to 1 Mbps after 40GB, per person until the start of the next billing & hotspotting speeds may be reduced further during periods of network congestion. This still offers heaps of juice for normal smart phone use – including watching videos (albeit some might notice slightly longer loading times and lower resolution when watching videos).

$40 per person / month based on total bill of $160 per month divided by 4 people. One account and one bill.