Broadband on 2degrees

With 2degrees Broadband we’re all about keeping things simple, so we have two great value plans to choose from. We’ll give you the best connection available at your home, and you simply add on a home phone or Fibre Speed Boost if you want one. Our Customer Care Team are NZ based and here to help you any time if you need help.

If you want a landline, or a faster fibre connection (up to 900/400Mbps) select these add-ons at sign-up.

We'll give you the best connection available at your home, even Ultra-fast Fibre (up to 100/20Mbps), for the same monthly price

Get a discounted wireless modem, set up and ready to go, when you join a fixed term plan.

Our NZ based, award winning customer service team are available on 0800 022 022.

Why 2degrees Broadband?

Great service when you need it

Great service and a call centre with real people. They’re NZ based and here to help you. Just call us on 0800 022 022.

It’s simple and fast

We have two simple plans. You choose your plan based on whether you use the internet a bit, or a lot. Then we’ll get you set up with the best connection available at your home (up to Fibre 100/20Mbps) – all for the same monthly price.

Ultra-Fast Broadband

Perfect if you’re online a lot and stream TV, movies, music or if you're into gaming. Offers the best performance for multiple users in the home.

Things you should know

6 months free on 24 month Unlimited Broadband Data Plan offer:

24 month term: $15 modem and $15 modem delivery charges apply to 2degrees modem option. Early termination charges may apply, see below.

If you sign up to an Unlimited Broadband Data Plan on a 24 month term during the promotional period, we will credit your monthly base plan charge for the first 6 months. Excludes any other charges, including add-ons, modem charges, calling plans or services. Offer not available with other offers, except with the $10 Bundle Discount if added during sign-up to get $10 off your monthly broadband plan charge with eligible Pay Monthly mobile plans. Full base plan charge applies after 6 months’ credit. See full 6 months free Unlimited Broadband Data Promotion Terms and Conditions.

  • The following early termination charges may apply to 6 months free offer:
    • If you select a 2degrees modem, an early exit fee of $249 applies to the term. 
    • If you select the BYO modem option at sign up, an early exit fee of $99 applies to the term.
    • Also, if you leave or downgrade your plan within the first 12 months, you'll need to repay the 6 months promotional plan credit ($570, or $510 for eligible Pay Monthly customers with Bundle Discount). 


  • *Fair Use Policy applies. Standard NZ & Australian landline calls.
  • $15 delivery charge applies if receiving a 2degrees modem and/or 2degrees Home Phone.
  • 12 month term Plan:
    • With 2degrees modem option: $15 modem and $15 modem delivery charges, and $249 early termination charge apply.
    • With BYO modem option: $99 early termination charge applies.
  • Additional charges may apply to non-standard installations.
  • Standard fibre connection is up to 100/20Mbps. Stated speeds are based on theoretical maximums, and actual speeds will vary.
  • Fibre Speed Boosts recur monthly until stopped. Removal/downgrade fee of $50 applies.
  • To get the best possible performance with 2degrees Ultra-fast Fibre, we recommend:
    • Using a high-spec modem, such as a 2degrees Modem (model 7490).
    • A high-spec laptop or PC cabled directly into your modem with an Ethernet cable, and ensure all your laptop or PC’s drivers are up to date, and nothing else is running on the internet connection at the same time.
    • The latest version of your browser.
    • Accessing the internet over a wired connection.
  • Unlimited* NZ and Australia Landline Calling includes direct dial calls made from your home phone to standard landlines in NZ and Australia (excludes chargeable calls, e.g. calling cards and premium numbers, 0900 (and any international equivalent), 059, 0161, Australian toll-free numbers (such as 1800, 1300) and toll-free numbers in other countries, and calls to mobiles). Fair Use Policy applies to this service.
  • See full terms and conditions.
Terms and conditions apply