Service Status Update

Sorry but we are experiencing a few technical issues this morning. As a result a number of tools are currently out of action:

- Top ups, via any channel
- Value Pack purchases, via any channel
- Payment, via any channel.

The mobile app and Your 2degrees are also unavailable. On the bright side, calling texting and using data are NOT affected so that's good.

Our apologies - and yes, our technicians are working on the problem. We'll update you as soon as we can.

We’re currently doing some planned systems maintenance

Calling, texting, mobile data and our broadband services are unaffected, as is Data Clock.
But the following services are out of action for now:

Top-Ups via any channel
Value Pack purchases via any channel
Payment via any channel
Data Hunt

The Mobile App, our Online Shop, Your 2degrees and services via SMS (201, 233, 288) are also unavailable.

Sorry for any bother caused, affected services will start to come back online in the morning.

Team 2degrees