Me2U - all you need to know

What is 2degrees Me2U?

Me2U is a text service that allows you to transfer credit between 2degrees Prepay accounts.

What is 2degrees U2Me?

U2Me is a text service that complements Me2U.  It allows people to ask for a Me2U credit transfer. Check out our 2degrees Ring Me service to find out about a similar calling service that allows you to request someone to call you.

Is there a charge for using Me2U or U2Me?

No, it’s completely free.  There’s no charge for sending a Me2U or U2Me text - so you can still use these services even if you’re out of credit!  And there is no charge to transfer or receive the credit when the transfer takes place.

The only time there will be a charge is if either party sends a Me2U or U2Me text when they are overseas.  The service will still work if either party is overseas but standard international text rates will apply.

How does Me2U & U2Me work?

It’s simple.

Me2U: Text the number of the person you want to send the credit to with the amount you want to credit to them. You need to put a * between the phone number and the credit amount. Ie: To send $10 to phone number 022 876 5432 text ‘0228765432*10' to 6328 (me2u)

We will then text you with the details of your request so you can confirm it before we transfer any credit.  Reply “Y” or “Yes” to the confirmation text and the credit transfer will happen.  If you reply “N” to the confirmation text your Me2U request will be cancelled.  Both you and the person receiving the Me2U credit transfer will receive a text confirming when the credit transfer has occurred.

If you don’t reply to the confirmation text with a “Y”, “Yes” or “N”, the request will be cancelled after 24 hours.  If you try to make another Me2U transfer within this 24 hour period, it will ask you to respond to the outstanding request first.

U2Me: If you want to ask someone for a Me2U transfer just text their number to U2Me (8263).  E.g. if you want 0228765432 to transfer you some Prepay credit, then text this number to 8263.

U2Me is free so it will still work if you have no credit.  A text will be sent to your friend asking for a wee credit transfer and instructions on how to do a Me2U transfer. Remember, that you and the person you send the U2Me request to both need to have active 2degrees Prepay accounts.

Which accounts can I transfer credit from and to?

At the moment, the Me2U and U2Me services are only available between 2degrees Prepay accounts.   Both 2degrees Prepay accounts need to be active.  The services will not work if either account has been suspended or reported as lost or stolen.

How quickly does the transfer happen?

It’s instant.  Both people will get confirmation texts once the credit has been transferred.

How do I know that the credit transfer has happened?

You and the person receiving the Me2U credit will both receive a text to say the transfer has happened.   If you receive a Me2U transfer you will be able to see this as a separate balance on your ‘Your 2degrees’ homepage.

When you dial *100*# from your 2degrees phone you'll see a combined balance which includes your standard Prepay credit, and your Me2u credit.

What rules apply to credit transfers?

Me2U credit transfer amounts: Only whole dollar amount between $2 & $20 may be transferred.

Maximum Me2U credit transfer amounts. $20 a day from each account and $100 a month.

Maximum U2Me requests: 10 per month

What rules apply to the credit received in a Me2U transfer?

Credit that is transferred to you cannot be transferred by you to another 2degrees Prepay account.  The credit is valid for 60 days and standard rates apply. You can use Me2U credit to buy any 2degrees products, such as Value Packs.  You’ll also be able to see your Me2U credit as a separate credit balance in ‘Your 2degrees’.

When you dial *100*1# from your 2degrees phone you’ll see a combined balance which includes your standard Prepay credit, and your Me2u credit.

What if I make a mistake and type in an incorrect number?

We’ll send you a confirmation so that you can double check all the details before the transfer happens. If any of the details are wrong, just reply “N” to the confirmation text and start again. Unfortunately, if you confirm an incorrect number that is an active 2degrees Prepay number (or if you transfer a different amount to what you wanted), the transfer cannot be reversed.  If the 2degrees number does not exist then we’ll tell you to try again.

If someone sends me a U2Me request am I obligated to complete the transfer?

No, it is completely up to you whether you respond to the text request.

Can I stop people sending me U2Me requests?

Yes, just send ‘STOP’ to U2Me (8263) and your number will be blocked from the service.  The person sending the U2Me request will get a response text telling them this also.  If you change your mind and want to re-join the service, just text ‘JOIN’ to U2Me (8263).