Prepay $19 Combo Packs

To get a great combo of Prepay value, grab one of our $19 Combo Packs that have minutes, texts and data included. You can choose from our $19 Text Combo, $19 Data Combo or $19 Chat Combo.

Plus get unlimited* free calling to 2degrees NZ mobiles on any of these Packs until 31st Jan 2015.

To buy simply text buy and the pack name to 233, or pop onto Your 2degrees and buy it online now.

Things you need to know:

    • Unlimited* free calling to 2degrees mobiles:
      • Unlimited* free calling to 2degrees NZ mobiles valid until 31st Jan 2015.
      • You must have an active $19 Combo Pack.
      • Minutes will not appear on Your 2degrees or the 2degrees Mobile App.
    • *Fair Use Policy applies.
    • These packs are valid for 1 month and auto renew monthly from the date of purchase if you have enough credit.
    • If you want to unsubscribe from your $19 Combo's auto renew simply text STOP and the pack name to 233, or do it online at Your 2degrees. You’ll still get to use any minutes, texts or data remaining, until the pack expires.
    • If you use all your minutes, texts or data before your pack runs out you will be charged our standard rates.
    • You can use your Prepay $19 Combo minutes to call any standard NZ landline or mobile, on any network. Premium numbers are excluded.
    • You can use your minutes to call Voicemail and one minute will be deducted for each call you make.
    • Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute.
    • 3G coverage is required for 3G services.
    • Combos not available on Prepay Plus.
    • Check out the full Terms and Conditions